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Glass Ceiling

To help you, the 80-20 Supporter, assimilate all the various information 80-20 has collected on the glass ceiling, this page will help you take in the basic info and guide you to other pages with further details.


  1. The Lowest Glass Ceiling Compared with Other Groups
    • EEOC confirmed 80-20's data is "consistent" with their calculations
    • Still the lowest glass ceiling using a method preferred by OFCCP of Dept of Labor
  2. FAQ On "Subtle explanations" for the Glass Ceiling
  3. 80-20 Actions to Break the Glass Ceiling
    • In the Asian American community
      • Full pages Ads
      • Visits with the Editorial Board
      • Press conference
    • Within the General Society (under construction)
      • Media
      • Political Establishment
      • Court
  4. An existing law, Executive Order 11246, states the above should never have happened
    • What is EO 11246?
    • Was EO 11246 enforced to break the glass ceiling for APAs?
    • Did a glass ceiling exist for black and women, and how did they pierce it?
    • How Does Enforcement of E.O. 11246 benefit me?

I. Lowest Glass Ceiling Compared with Other Groups

The above chart shows that Asian Americans have the worst chance to rise to the managerial level in the private industries, universities and Federal government, where 2.1 million of us work: only 55% the chance as compared to the national average in the private industries, 41% the chance in universities, and 30% chance in the Federal government.

For details on how we arrived at these calculations, and for the data, collected from the Federal government on public websites, that we used for this chart, please CLICK HERE.

EEOC confirmed 80-20's data is "consistent" with their calculations.

On 4/12/2006, Ron Edwards, EEOC's statistics expert, stated "Your calculations [to arrive at the chart's conclusions] are consistent with mine."

Still the lowest glass ceiling using a method preferred by OFCCP, Dept of Labor

OFCCP prefers to use Census data for the "Total Civilian workforce." Even with their calculations, see how AsAms STILL do the worst among all groups.

Category Ratio to national average
All 1.00
White 1.0599
Hispanics 0.862
Black 0.765
Women 0.730
Asian Pacific Islanders 0.703

EEO-1 Categories, Data using US Census: total civilian workforce (tabulation)

For more details on why 80-20's data is higher quality than Census data.

II. FAQ: Are there subtler explanations for the lowest glass ceiling?

The following link includes answers to such questions as: "Could our glass ceiling be due to too few business degrees?" (NO!); "Is high AsAm individual and household income proof there is no glass ceiling?" (NO!); and "Surely the next generation will do better?" (Not for 75 years, at least!).

III. 80-20 Actions to Break The Glass Ceiling

a. Within the Asian Am. Community

i) Full pages Ads: In Chinese, English, Korean and Vietnamese, among Chinese-, Filipino-, Indian-, Japanese-, Korean- and Vietnamese- and other Asian American communities. 80-20 EF has spent $20,000 to place full-page ads in almost all major ethnic dailies andweeklies in the Asian American community.

ii) Visits with the Editorial Board: 80-20 has organized teams to visit with various editorial teams of the ethnic newspapers to raise awareness within the Asian American media of the low glass ceiling. These visits have successfully concluded.

iii) Press conference: On June 10th, 80-20 volunteers are organizing 8 simultaneous press conferences at the following locations and times:

LA: 3 p.m., Golden Dragon Restaurant, 960 North Broadway, Los Angeles Chinatown, 90012 (213-626-2039) S. B. will be there. Ann Lau visualal@pacbell.net [Press Release]

SF: 11 a.m.; Oakland Asian Cultural Center at Renaissance Plaza 2nd Floor, 388 9th Street Suite 290 (Conference Rm#3) Oakland, CA 94607Tel: (510) 637-0455 Joel Wong, Tim Chen & Cheng Liao JoelinWong@aol.com [Press Release]

NY: 2 p.m., Silk Road Moca Cafi, 30 Mott Street, New York, NY 10013 Leo Lee leo.lee@verizon.net [Press Release]

Boston: 11 a.m.conference room of the Greater Boston Chinese
Cultural Association, 437 Cherry St. West Newton, MA. Larry
Ho & Chi-Chen Chang

Philadelphia: 1 p.m.; Holy Redeemer School, 915 Vine Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19107 John W. Chin
jchin@chinatown-pcdc.org [Press Release]

Austin: 9:30 a.m. ; Asian American Cultural Center, 11713 Jollyville Road, Austin, TX 78759. Amy Mok amy@amywongmok.net [Press Release]

St. Louis: 2 p.m., Marillac Hall Lobby of South Campus, University of Missouri-St. Louis, 1 University Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63121 Kim Song & Jean Trae songk@msx.umsl.edu

New Jersey: 11:00am - 1:00PM (Sunday 6/11/06), Clarion Hotel & Towers 2055 Lincoln Highway (Rt.27) Edison, NJ 08817 Sean Chen: seanjchen@gmail.com

b. Within the General Society (under construction)

i) Washington Post Ad

ii) Media: 80-20 EF and PAC will concurrently and independently organize the same actions as above, but this time in the general society. The focus may differ but the facts will remain the same.

iii) Political Establishment

iv) Courts