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What makes 80-20 effective

Dedicated To 80-20's 350,000 Supporters

80-20's Secrets to Success:

  1. An email list of 350,000 and therefore an ability to reach about 50% of the Asian American voters in one day.
  2. Having organized two bloc votes in the last two presidential election. See proof of the two bloc votes

Section A: Review of 80-20's Achievements in Chronological Order

80-20's Bread and Butter is our ability to communicate with half of AsAm voters in 24 hours through e-mail, and our ability to communicate and to deliver a bloc vote with half of AsAm voter in 24 hours through e-mail. Every success follows from there.

Is 80-20 effective? You be the judge. Here are the facts.

The following lists 80-20's achievements, many being “firsts” for Asian Pacific Americans. The table lists, for each event, the date 80-20 stepped up and called for action and the date when the result was achieved. See how closely the two dates correlated. Is this close correlation a mere coincidence, or a clear indication of 80-20’s effectiveness? You be the judge.

1. Success After the 2008 Election: President Obama's Commitments to Us
a) High Level Asian American Appointments
b) Appointment of AsAm Judges & Enforcement of EO11246

2. Two Consecutive Bloc Votes
3. For Dignity and Against Discrimination
4. The Fruits of Political Empowerment
5. Show our Love for America
6. Other Great Achievements