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What makes 80-20 effective

V. Other Great Achievements

Date of Call to Action Purpose (PP) & Method (MD) Date Result(s) Achieved
On October 12, 2003, 80-20 alerts supporters to a game, "Ghettopoly" by David Chang that denigrates African Americans and has been condemned by civil rights organizations such as the NAACP and OCA. PP: To show that we are as much against APAs denigrating others as others denigrating us.

MD: On Oct. 12, 80-20 sends an e-mail calling supporters to fax/email/call Yahoo and eBay, the major carriers of Ghettopoly.

October 13, 2003: Yahoo shuts down its Ghettopoly e-store. =

October 14, 2003: eBay de-lists Ghettopoly and bans the item from its website.

April 11, 2002: 80-20 alerts supporters to a new immigration rule shortening tourist visas stay to 30-days from original 6 months.

PP: To get the INS to reconsider its ruling, so that parents of APA families abroad can stay for longer visits.

MD: 80-20's email on April 11 urges supporters to write or email INS officials about their concerns that a 30-day default period would cut short visits by elderly parents, and be detrimental to the family unions for many APAs.

December 31, 2002: The World Journal writes the INS plans to extend the default period for tourists from 30 days to 3 months.

September 26, 1998: 80-20 is formed. PP: Goal: To win equal justice and equal opportunity in work- places for APAs through a swing bloc vote.

MD: Reward the political party that shares our rightful concerns & censure the one that doesn't.

All of the above.