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What makes 80-20 effective

I. 80-20's Greatest Achievements to Date - Two Consecutive Bloc Votes

Date of Call to Action Purpose (PP) & Method (MD) Date Result(s) Achieved
October 2, 2004: 80-20 endorses John Kerry with reservations. PP: To show that we can deliver a powerful bloc vote, but that we are not completely satisfied with either party's service to the APA community. Hence the reservations.

MD: Instead of going all-out, 80-20 diverts some resources from our Endorsement effort to our legal efforts. However, we promise to give Kerry at least a 30-point advantage.

November 2, 2004: An LA Times national poll shows that Asian-Americans voted 64:34 Kerry: Bush.

November 2, 2004: The AALDEF poll, the largest Asian-American exit poll, shows 74:24 Kerry: Bush.

November 7, 2000 (our efforts began at 80-20's inception two years ago).

PP: Deliver a bloc-vote to the presidential candidate in the 2000 election whose party has done more for APAs in the preceding two years. A bloc vote will induce both major parties to serve APAs' rightful aspirations in the future.

MD: Organize, organize organize; TV, radio and newspaper ads in ethnic languages in CA. Gore is chosen on 8/27/2000, after an endorsement meeting composed equally of D/I/R.

On Election Day, 11/7/00, APAs voted 66/32/2 nationally for Gore/Bush/Nader, and 70/28/2 in CA, where 80-20 focused its efforts.

The results are from a post-election survey of 1220 APAs. It was partially funded by The Nat’l Science Foundation & conducted by profs. from Utah, Harvard, Yale and U. of FL State. Such a survey is the best scientific estimate of how APAs voted on that day.

1992-2004: NY Times Exit Polls Show Trends. PP: To show how 80-20 has influenced Asian American voting patterns since it entered the fray.

MD: Examination of the changes in margins of victory for Republican and Democratic candidates among Asian-American voters between 1992 and 2004

Nov 2, 2004: Asian Americans buck the national voting trend. African Americans, Latinos, and Jews increase their support for Pres. Bush from 2000, while Asian Americans decrease their support for Pres. Bush, owing to 80-20's endorsement, with reservations, of Candidate Kerry

2004 and 2000 elections: Asian Americans go from supporting the Republican candidate in '92 and '96 to supporting the Democratic candidate, whom 80-20 has happened to endorse, in both 2000 & 2004.

Dec 1, 2003: 80-20 sends a questionnaire to ALL Dem. & Rep. presidential candidates.

PP: To ensure, after the 2004 elections, enforcement of the same rights of law for AsAms as already enforced for all other Americans.

MD: Power of the ballot box. Candidates who hesitated were pressured by hundreds of citizen requests in key states IA, NH, and their home states.

By 1/7, all viable Dem. candidates answer definitively & positively. President Bush indicates that he will likely answer in March. In ten years, the number of APA upper-level managers / partners will increase 3 fold. The glass ceiling will be shattered owing to this effort.
June 20, 1999.

PP: Urge all presidential candidates to pledge in writing their support for 80-20’s Declaration to Presidential Candidates, with two main requests. 1) Appoint an APA to a Cabinet-level position, and 2) help the 11 million APAs break the glass ceiling in workplaces.

MD: Constant contact and awareness of candidates' interests.

July 8, 1999: Bradley writes to commit.

February 15, 2000: Gore writes to commit.

Bush & McCain didn’t respond. Instead, the APA GOP leaders in CA began attacking 80-20. Both forms of response reflect 80-20’s efficacy. However, positive responses are preferred and rewarded.

September 6, 2003: The Historic Luncheon with Howard Dean Keynoting, a pro-active empowering program. Since it is not reactive, we do not issue a "call for action."
PP: To induce Presidential candidates to address APA concerns.

MD: 80-20 invites the top 4 Democratic Presidential candidates and Pres. Bush. to an 80-20 fundraiser. The first to respond is Gov. Howard Dean.

1) Inviting the leading Presidential candidates to attend a fundraiser for an APA organization. Such is common in mainstream groups but unprecedented in the APA community.

2) Gov. Davis initiated a request to attend our event.

October 19, 2000.

PP: To get all large Chinese-American newspapers to endorse either Gore or 80-20 to create the atmosphere of a united community just before the election.

MD: The persuasion of publishers/editors of papers by 80-20 officers & supporters

Nov. 5 & 6, 2000: Huge ads appear in all major Ch-Am papers in SF, LA and NY announcing a historic unity of major Chinese American papers in endorsing either Gore or 80-20.