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News: Presidential Election 2004

Presidential Election of 2004 and How We Win Our Equal Opportunity

I. Before the Elections

A. 80-20's Questionnaire to Presidential candidates

  1. Cover letter
  2. Questionnaire
  3. All about Executive Order 11246

B. Reply to the Questionnaire from Democratic candidates (in chronological order, the top is the earliest)

YES/YES/YES Congressman Dennis Kucinich
YES/YES/YES Governor Howard Dean
YES/YES/YES Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
YES/YES/YES Senator John Edwards
YES/YES/YES General Wesley Clark (Ret.)
YES/YES/YES Senator John Kerry
YES/YES/YES Senator Joe Lieberman
YES/YES/YES Congressman Dick Gephardt

No Response: Reverend Al Sharpton

C. Reply to the Questionnaire from the Independent candidate

YES/YES/YES Ralph Nader

C. Reply to the Questionnaire from the Republican candidate

No Response: George W. Bush

D. 80-20's Recommendation on whom to support during Primaries
The Democratic Presidential Primary has been over since March 2, 2004, for all practical purposes.

E. Shielding APA Candidates from Racist Attacks
(not part of the presidential election but could be very relevant to Asian American political candidates of 2008)

II. During The Primary Elections

A. The Primary Season Is Over for All Practical Purposes

Sen. John Kerry, having answered Yes/Yes/Yes to 80-20's questionnaire, will be running against President George Bush who has NOT answered 80-20's questionnaire.

B. 80-20 Announces Rule & Procedures for Electing Delegates to Its Endorsement Convention (EC)

III. After D&R Nominees Are Known But Before 80-20’s Endorsement

A. 80-20 Delegates and Alternates to the Endorsement Convention
B. Endorsement Convention
C. Press Release Announcing 80-20’s Endorsement, with Reservation

IV. After 80-20’s Endorsement Convention

A. What You Can Do to Help Our Candidate
B. News About Our Endorsed Candidate