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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Physical Meeting Minutes

Date: May 10-11, 2008

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Foster City, CA

Members Present:
Board members: Kathleen To, David Chai, Laura Hsu, Frank Lee, Edward Lin, Amy Wong Mok, Linden Nishinaga, Kim Song, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo, David Yang, Jing-Li Yu
Ex-Officio Board Members: Cecil Fong / Staff: Helen Wang

Meeting convened at 8:30 am, May 10, 2008.

Morning Business
2007 Financial Report - Jing-Li Yu

80-20 PAC, Inc.
Statement of Revenue and Expenditures
12 Months Ended December 31, 2007
Regular 29512.44
Life 8850.00
Voluntary Member Contributions 6591.80
Total Revenue from Membership 44954.24
Unrelated Business Income - Interest & NY Unemployment Insurance Rebate 1508.91
Total Revenues 46463.15
Advertising 2353
Bank Charges 1152.95
Chapter reimbursement 1140.00
Contribution to Affiliate(s) 1350.00
Contributions - Political 1000.00
Consultants 1445.21
Fees to IRS and DE 90.00
ISP 7703.34
Meetings 4782.97
Press conferences 270.00
Salaries & wages 34449.33
   Payroll 12310.21
Unrelated business income 1628.53
Total Taxes 13938.74
Misc. 662.02
           Total Expenditures 70337.56
Excess Revenues over (under) Expenditures -23874.41

2008 Budget Report- Jing-Li Yu


Membership Dues (20 new Life Members & 1800 regular members)

$ 85k


Interest from the reserve fund of $166K

$ 3K


Net Income from Fundraiser

$ 50k


80-20 EF Reimbursement for Staff & Internet usage

$ 6k


Misc. Contributions  

$ 3K






Salary and Benefits Staff & Intern(s)

$ 55K


Payment to ISPs & e-mail related consultant fees            

$ 9K


Equipment & Postage                 

$ 2K


Meeting & traveling Expenses     

$ 10K


Press Conferences

$ 2k


Printing cost & Phone Bills (conference calls)                   

$ 2K


Chapter reimbursement/ plus ads with Friends

$ 2K


July 4 and other initiatives

$ 3K


Income Tax for PAC

$ 2k


Election 2008 (Primary & General)                   

$ 74k








RESERVE AT THE END OF 2008:                           


SB Woo moves to have the Executive Committee come up with the solutions on how to increase membership and income; Board members shall help recruit members.
Jing-Li Yu accepts the amendment.
The budget report was unanimously approved.
(Amy Mok was absent. Joel Wong left the meeting after morning business.)

Bylaws Amendments
The Bylaw amendments proposed below were approved by the 80-20 Executive Committee, and then submitted to the Board for a vote:  

(1) Add sub-article 3.2.6 under Article 3.2 "Board of Directors" as following:

"3.2.6 Board Communication Protocol and Behavior Guidelines: Members of the Board shall behave professionally at all times, so as to effectively promote and advance the goals and images of the organization, both within and without. This includes but is not limited to the following cases:"

The motion was approved. (9 ayes; 1 abstain: Frank Lee).
(Amy Mok joined the meeting.)
3.2.6 "a. The Board shall keep the internal communications of the organization strictly among the Board members, unless it is explicitly approved otherwise by the Board. These include Board and Executive Committee e-mail messaging of important and sensitive organizational topics and issues."

The motion was unanimously approved.
3.2.6 "b. Members of the Board shall be cognizant of their roles and thoughtfully carry out their responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with advancing the goals, interests, and public image of 80-20."
The motion was approved (7 ayes; 3 nays: Amy Mok, David Chai, Laura Hsu; 1 abstain: Frank Lee).

(David Chai left the meeting.)

(2) Amend Article 3.2.3 shall be amended by changing the third sentence as,
From: "No director shall serve more than two complete consecutive terms."
To:     "Directors can serve up to four (4) consecutive terms, so long as he or she has substantially contributed while serving as a board member, and the re-elections of board members are contested."

The motion was approved (9 ayes; 1 abstain: Frank Lee).
(3) Add sub-article 3.5 under Article 3 "Organization" as following:
3.5 Guiding Principle In Taking Actions

Whenever feasible, 80-20 shall try to create a win-win situation in its dealings with other individuals and organizations.  In dealing with organizations working for the same goals, 80-20 shall be patient and tolerant.  In dealing with others that are damaging or have damaged our effort to achieve equal opportunity and justice, if the entity repeatedly refuses to agree to a win-win solution, 80-20, being a political action committee, shall apply strong and strategic pressure to counter the other side's principal interests.  If and when a satisfactory solution is reached, 80-20 shall retrospectively make the other side a winner, or appear to be a winner.
The motion was unanimously approved.
(David Chai returned to the meeting.)

(4) Add sub-article 3.6 under Article 3 "Organization" as following:
"3.6 Prohibition

Until Dec. 31, 2016 or a membership exceeding 10,000, whichever comes first, 80-20 shall not take any position in US foreign policies and/or foreign matters, except when it may impact upon its goal to achieve equal opportunity and justice for Asian Americans.  The decision to invoke the exception must be approved by 3/4 (75%) of the entire Board.  However, related decisions and actions subsequent to the approval of the exemption shall be governed by the Robert's Rules of Order only."

The motion was approved (8 ayes; 2 nays: Amy Wong Mok and David Chai; 1 abstain: David Yang).

Politics 303* -- How to be more effective in politics? - S.B. Woo (See attachment 1)

Membership Report - Amy Mok (See attachment 2)
The meeting is adjourned at 12:00 PM PT on May 11, 2008.