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Presidential Election of 2012 and How We Win Our Equal Opportunity

Cover Letter to Presidential Candidates

The 80-20 PAC, Incorporated

The Honorable xxx
Faxed/Emailed to: & Priority mailed November 10, 2011

Dear xxx:

The strength of America lies partly in individuals like you. You know full well the punishing nature of a presidential campaign and the immense challenge in the White House were you to become our president. Nevertheless, you offered your body and soul. As a citizen, I wish to pay you the deepest respect.

I am writing on behalf of The 80-20 Initiative (henceforth 80-20) to inquire your views on Asian Pacific American (APA) concerns. A questionnaire is enclosed. I hope you will endorse our aspirations as soon as possible.

80-20 is by far the largest national APA political organization with an e-mail list of an estimated 500,000 supporters. It is nonpartisan and is dedicated to winning equal opportunity & justice for APA through a SWING bloc vote. However, once 80-20 has endorsed a candidate, we become partisan. We have used our emails, ethnic cable TV and radio to independently but most effectively support the endorsed candidate. Our endorsement criteria are objective. They are based on a candidate's response to our questionnaire and the record of service to the APA community by a candidate's political party in the past 4 years.

80-20 has the record of delivering three consecutive bloc votes in the years of 2000, 2004, and 2008. The following are exit polls published by New York Times. Note that Asian Americans favored the Republican presidential candidate in 2000 before 80-20 came on the scene in 1998. Afterwards, however, none of the GOP candidate was willing to answer 80-20's questionnaire. As a result, 80-20 endorsed a Democratic candidate in all three subsequent presidential elections, delivering large bloc votes. However, 80-20 is not tied to supporting Democrats.

80-20 expects to deliver an even larger bloc vote to the candidate that we will endorse in 2012. We hope to achieve our name sake and deliver 80% of the 3 million Asian American vote to the candidate endorsed by us.

See for yourself 80-20's impact in a primary. Click on http://www.80-20initiative.net/success/media_mainstream_080215cnn.as to see what CNN's Anderson Cooper had to say about its impact on Super Tuesday of 2008. In any Republican primary of many candidates, 80-20's bloc vote can easily make a decisive difference.

Political considerations aside, helping an American underclass achieve equal opportunity in workplaces and have equitable proportion of Federal judges are the right things to do. You will just be honoring your pledge of allegiance to the flag that ends with " with liberty and justice for all." That is what our questionnaire is all about.


S. B. Woo

Founding President, The 80-20 Initiative
Ph: 1-866-FOR-8020 (1-866-367-8020)
Fax: 1-866-856-8020
E-mail: sbw@udel.edu

Cc: Board of Directors