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Presidential Election of 2008 and How We Win Our Equal Opportunity

80-20's Recommendations on Whom To Support during Primaries

Bylaw for the 80-20 PAC:

7.1 Protocol Regarding Primary Elections: Two months prior to the presidential primary held in New Hampshire, the President of the Board of Directors shall write each of the presidential candidates of major political parties and seek his/her commitment to support 80-20's major goals and programs. 80-20 shall announce the primary candidates' responses as they become available. 80-20 shall urge its supporters to WITHHOLD financial and other forms of support to any presidential PRIMARY candidate who fails to pledge his/her commitment in writing and in accordance with 80-20's pledge requirements. Our supporters shall vote only for primary candidates who have already met 80-20's pledge requirements. While adhering to the above guidelines, the Executive Committee shall have the option to endorse specific candidate (s) in specific primary elections in various state(s) provided such decision is first approved by at least two-thirds of the Board.

We ask fellow Asian Americans to join us in our declaration to WITHHOLD financial and other forms of support to any presidential PRIMARY candidates who fail to pledge his/her commitment to our request for equal justice in the workplace.

Therefore, since Sen. Dodd, Sen. Biden, Sen. Gravel, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Edwards, and
Gov. Richardson
are the only candidates to have satisfactorily responded to our questionnaire at the present, please support ONLY their candidacies. Please withhold support from ALL other candidates. Thank you.