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Presidential Election of 2008 and How We Win Our Equal Opportunity

Cover Letter to Presidential Candidates

The 80-20 PAC, Incorporated

The Honorable xxx
Faxed/Emailed to: & Priority mailed June 1, 2007

Dear xxx:

The strength of America lies partly in individuals like you. You know full well the punishing nature of a presidential campaign and the immense challenge of your office were you to become our president. Nevertheless, you are offering your candidacy. As a citizen, I wish to pay you the highest respect.

I am writing on behalf of The 80-20 Initiative (henceforth 80-20) to inquire your views on Asian Pacific American (APA) concerns. A questionnaire is enclosed. I hope you will endorse our aspirations at your earliest convenience.

80-20 is by far the largest national APA political organization with an e-mail list of 700,000 supporters. It is nonpartisan & is dedicated to winning equal opportunity & justice for APA through a SWING bloc vote. Once 80-20 has endorsed a candidate, we become partisan and go all out to support our endorsed candidate. We have used our emails, ethnic cable TV and radio to independently and most effectively support the endorsed candidate. Our endorsement criteria are objective. They are based on the candidate's response to our questionnaire along with the record of service of the candidate and his/her party to the APA community in the past 4 years.

80-20 has the record of delivering three consecutive bloc votes, namely in the years of 2000, 2004 and 2006. See http://www.80-20initiative.net/APAvote.html

Independent sources have verified 80-20's effectiveness in delivering bloc votes. See below:

(1) “Click on Democracy,” authored by 3 Syracuse Univ. profs., rated 80-20 as one of nation's two most effective cyberspace political orgs. in the 2000 election.

(2) After the 2000 election, National Science Foundation, NSF, funded a large national survey of how APAs voted in 2000. It showed 80-20 delivered 66/32 to our endorsed candidate nationally, and 70/28 in Calif. See http://www.80-20initiative.net/NAA_Political_Survey.pdf . 80-20 was the only APA organization explicitly mentioned in the NSF national survey.

In 2000, 7.4% of the voters in California were APA. http://www.census.gov/ population/socdemo/voting/p20-542/tab04a.pdf

In 2008, our % will top 8% in California, having 55 electoral votes. 43% of the APA voters nationally are registered as Independents/Declines. Since California primary allows them to vote in party primaries, at least in the Democratic Party, we estimate that up to 18% of the CA voters will be APA in a given primary election involving a candidate endorsed by 80-20. We'll use our emails to drive them out.

Before closing, let's cast aside mere political considerations. Helping a small American minority to achieve equal opportunity is the right thing to do. You will just be honoring your pledge of allegiance to the flag that ends with … "with liberty and justice for all.” That is what our questionnaire is all about.


Kathleen To

President, The 80-20 Initiative
Ph: 1-866-FOR-8020 (1-866-367-8020)
Fax: 1- 800-877-1676
E-mail: kto@tstar.net

Cc: Board of Directors