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Presidential Election of 2008 and How We Win Our Equal Opportunity

The Case For More Asian Am. Judges

There are currently only 5 active Asian-American Article III federal judges in the country, only one outside the Ninth Circuit. All are trial judges, and there are no active Asian-American judges in the federal appellate courts. Altogether they account for 0.6% of the Federal judges, while the Asian Am. population is 4.5%.

Other minority groups fair much better 10.7% of the Federal judges are African Ams, and 6.5% are Hispanics. In contrast, there are more Asian-American "legal professionals" at law firms of 100 or more employees, as of 2002, than there are African-American or Hispanic professionals (2003 EEOC report ). The numbers are: 5.3% Asian-American, 4.4% African American, and 2.9% Hispanics.