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Basic Member: $35
Family Member (2 persons, 2 votes): $50
Prof. Basic Member: $75
Prof. Family Member (2 persons, 2 votes): $150
Life Member: $1,000
Family Life Member (2 persons, 2 votes): $1,500
Honorary Life Member: $5,000
Honorary Family Member (2 persons, 2 votes): $10,000
Student Member: $15

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how your membership dues are used.  Revenues & expenditures of each
year are shown under Physical Meeting Dockets.

Membership Privileges

Membership privileges and responsibilities are set forth in the bylaws, section 3, under "Organization". To summarize, 80-20 is a democratic and transparent political action committee. Members must pay national dues and are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Members are eligible to vote on issues and candidates for elective offices by e-mail or fax. Only members are eligible for 80-20's elective offices.

Payment Options

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Please make checks payable to "80-20 PAC" and mail to:

80-20 PAC
c/o Jing-li Yu
29-37 172nd Street
Flushing, NY 11358


Important for checks: Please specify on your check: your postal address & e-mail address (1 for single membership; 2, if possible, for family membership). You must be a citizen or permanent resident. Donations to 80-20 are not tax deductible. Due to government regulations, if your check is for more than $200.00, please include your occupation and employer.