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IEC Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2013

A motion suggested by Charles Zhang and seconded by Kathleen To:

Whereas 80-20 Initiative's email list was always established with the intent for it to be used by any branch of 80-20,

Whereas 80-20 Educational Foundation wishes to ensure that it may permanently use that list which it has helped to maintain and supplement, and

Whereas 80-20 Educational Foundation promises to continue to help maintain and supplement that list for the joint usage of 80-20 PAC and 80-20 Educational Foundation,

Be It Therefore Resolved That the list shall be the joint property of 80-20 PAC and 80-20 Educational Foundation beginning March 29, 2013 or later, when the payment by 80-20 Educational Foundation of $20,000 to PAC has been completed.

The above motion passed unanimously with all 3 IEC members voting on March 19. 2013.

Note: The payment from 80-20 Educational Foundation of $20,000 to 80-20 PAC for joint ownership of the email list was completed on April 1, 2013.