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IEC Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
IEC Organizing Meeting
Conference Call February 11, 2013

A conference call of the Interim Executive Committee of 80-20 NAAPAC was held on February 11, 2013 from 8:00PM to 8:45PM EST. The following IEC members were in attendance: Kathleen To, S.B. Woo, and Charles Zhang; Diana Ting as staff.

The meeting started at 8:00pm.

Actionable Items:

1) Jing-Li Yu, as a possible future substitute for vacant IEC seat, will be copied in most if not all IEC communications.

2) A request will be sent to all IEC Members ($5000 per year) and Advisors ($500 per year) to fulfill their pledged donation to PAC by April 30th of each year. After that date, those who are not in good standing will be considered as having voluntarily resigned. Such retired members and advisors will no longer be considered a member of the PAC Board, even when the Board is called back into action for any reason.

3) As promised, IEC members have resolved unanimously that
IEC shall be replaced by the PAC Board upon a 2/3 vote of a group, composed by IEC members and advisors in good standing. Please bear in mind that the Board will automatically become effective a few months prior to the 2016 Presidential Election on a date set by IEC.

4) S.B. was elected the Chair of IEC and shall be the spokesperson for IEC.

5) Kathleen To will keep the financial books, file taxes, update the PAC Website, and file FEC reports. She'll also chase after all pledged donations. If IEC endorses a candidate or candidates in 2014, she will be in charge of buy radio, newspaper and TV ads.

6) FUNDRAISING EFFORT: Our goal is $5 million by 12/31/2016, which can ONLY be done by finding BIG donors. Our methodology include:

  1. Working with the ethnic media to publicize that WEALTHY AsAms have the obligation to give generously, in millions of dollars, to help the16 million Asian Ams get rid of the higher college admissions bar against our youths and the glass ceiling against our adults. To our best knowledge, not a single Asian Am has ever given $3 million or more to an Asian Am cause, while many have given tens of millions to America's various 501(c)3 orgs.
  2. Raising money from our Life Members while urging them to give us names of persons who can give $250,000 or more. Such names will be entered into a list and shared with various Regional Fundraising Chairs (see below). SB will take this task.
  3. Recruiting Regional Fundraising Chairs from Northern CA, Southern CA, NY, TX, MA, WA, IL, and other states. Again, the goal is for each to target people who can give $250,000 or more.
  4. Charles Zhang will be the Regional Chair of MI and surrounding states.
    Kathleen To will consider being the Regional Chair of TX.
    S.B. will with work with Charles, Kathleen and others to recruit other Regional Chairs.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm

Respectfully submitted by:
S.B. Woo
Chair, IEC, 80-20 National Asian Am. PAC