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Collective Leadership (CL) Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
The Collective Leadership
Conference Call January 10, 2012

A conference call of the CL members of 80-20 Initiative was held on January 10, 2012 at 9:00PM EST. The following CL members joined the conference call:

Ved Chaudhary, Haibo Huang, S.B. Woo, Jing-Li Yu and Yin-Long Quin, a non-voting member. Diana Ting (Assistant to President) was also present. Chenming Hu joined the call for a brief period, but missed both votes.

Excused Absences: Y-T Lee
Un-Excused Absences: Kathleen To.

This meeting was called to discuss and vote on two items:

1. A new name for 80-20

2. How CL can function more efficiently

CL discussed two alternative names:

1. Association for Advancement of Asian Americans

2. Asian American Initiative

During discussion, it turned out that even tho the first name is a good one, but it is too long. So all four voting members voted for the new name “Asian American Initiative”. Additionally, to keep continuity with our current name, CL agreed to put 80-20 in front of the name for one year. So during 2012 we'll write the name as "80-20 Asian American Initiative" abbreviated as "80-20AAI". In the second year we'll put 80-20 at the end of the name as "Asian American Initiative 80-20" abbreviated as "AAI 80-20". Finally, in the third year we'll drop 80-20 and simply write "Asian American Initiative" abbreviated as AAI.

Next, we discussed how we can function more efficiently. It was agreed that CL members will take specific responsibilities for specific tasks and carry out the task while informing all CL members and asking them for comments/suggestions, but not seeking CL approval for every day-to-day activity. However, if some activity involves political consideration, or will have far reaching effect, then the CL member will seek discussion and approval from CL, or even BD.

In an email on Jan 9 SB had put forth a motion, that was seconded by Kathleen To by email the same date, as follows: that any CL member who exercise their authority/responsibility and get 80-20 into trouble, will have his/her privilege taken away for a year, upon a secret majority vote of the CL conducted by the Coordinator (or if the Coordinator is personally involved, then the vote is to be conducted by the Immediate Past President.) Making a mistake is not a shame. Most leaders learn from their mistakes.

After discussion, the duration of suspension of priviledges was changed from 1 year to any duration to be decided by the CL for each individual case. All voting CL members voted FOR this motion. So the motion passed.

Next, we discussed individual responsibilities:

1. SB has taken the responsibility for the survey and the Amicus Curie Letter to the Supreme Court, as this activity will be carried out by the EF, not PAC.

2. Yin-Long has the responsibility to reach out to campuses/professors to get the word out about the survey and maximize the participation fom APA students.

3. Haibo has the responsibility to keep sending out weekly mass emails and track, maintain and grow membership level.

4. Ved has the responsibility to lead the 2012 national election related PAC activities under SB’s training and guidance.

5. Jing has the responsibility to nominate candidates for the Endorsement Convention. This is in addition to his responsibility as Treasurer.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35 pm

Notes taken by:
Ved Chaudhary
Secretary, 80-20 Initiative