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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
The Board Meeting
Conference Call December 8, 2011

A conference call of the Board members of 80-20 Initiative was held on December 8, 2011 at 9:00PM EST. The following (9) Board members (out of 15) joined the conference call: Fel Amistad, Ved Chaudhary, Quan Cao, Clyde Diao, Yin-Long Quin, Munsup Seoh, Ann Shum, S.B. Woo, and Jing-Li Yu. Additionally, two newly elected Board members (to become effective on 1/1/2012) namely: Victor Swaroop and Haibo Huang were also present as non-voting members.

Excused Absences: Edward Lin, Chenming Hu, Y-T Lee, Alice Huang, Kathleen To, David Yang.

This meeting was called to discuss and vote on a resolution that had been passed unanimously by the executive committee as follows:

"Whereas, college admission is a complex decision which takes into consideration not only current scholastic achievements of an applicant but also his/her evaluated potential and the aimed-for "educational success" uniquely defined by each university;

Whereas, 80-20 Initiative, in spite of a deep respect for the above stated aim of college admissions, nevertheless feels strongly that college admission should be merit-based and not discriminate against any race;

Whereas, the composition of our Supreme Court has changed such that many legal experts are expecting the court to rule in favor of eliminating race as a factor in college admission;

Whereas, a case like the "Fisher vs. University of Texas" challenging a University's current admission policy before the Supreme Court is not likely to occur until another decade or more;

Whereas, four Asian American organizations have already filed amicus curiae supporting the current college admission policy; and

Whereas, an overwhelming majority of the Asian American community are against the current admission policy which discriminates against qualified Asian American applicants;


80-20 PAC shall file a friend of the court legal brief at the Supreme Court supporting a merit based college admission (based on scholastic achievement and evaluated potential according to each university's unique view of what is educational success) that does not discriminate against any race in the case of "Fisher vs. University of Texas."

The board members discussed the resolution and its impact on the Asian American community and the overwhelming response from the membership of 80-20 supporting the Executive committee to file the amicus brief with the Supreme Court per above resolution.

After a brief debate, a motion was offered to close the debate. The motion passed unanimously. After that a roll call was taken. The votes are as follows:

Fel Amistad (y), Quan Cao (y), Ved Chaudhary (y), Clyde Diao, Yin-long Qiu (y), Munsup Seoh (n), Ann Shum (y), (y), and SB Woo (y), Jing-Li Yu (y).

The following board members had voted by proxy via email: Kathleen To (y), Edward Lin (y), Chenming Hu (y), Yueh-ting Lee (y), David Yang (y) and Alice Huang (n).

Combined results (roll call + proxy votes)= 13 Yeh’s and 2 Nay’s.

Thus the resolution is passed to file an amicus curiae with the Supreme court as described in the above resolution.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm

Notes taken by:
Ved Chaudhary
Secretary, 80-20 Initiative