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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
Executive Committee Meeting
Conference Call August 27, 2011

A conference call of the Executive Committee of 80-20 Initiative was held on August 27, 2011 at 9:00PM EST. The following (5) EC members joined the conference call: Ved Chaudhary, Chenming Hu, Kathleen To, S.B. Woo, and Jing-Li Yu. Diana Ting (Assistant to President) was also present on the call.

Excused Absences: Y-T Lee.
Unexcused Absences: none.

The agenda of the meeting included two items as follows:

           1.  Contents (not the exact wording) of 80-20's questionnaire to presidential candidates of 2012
           2.  Collective leadership between October 6 (Thursday) and October 24 (Sunday), a period of 18                     days, during the absence of Dr. S.B. Woo.

The conclusion of the discussion on the first agenda item was as follows:

We shall ask all presidential candidates to agree that if elected, he/she shall continue to:
         1)    give top priority to appointing Asian Americans to life-tenured federal District
                and circuit courts; and
         2)    enforce Executive Order 11246 for all Americans including Asian Americans.
         3)    He/she shall meet with Asian American leaders at the White House in late 2015 or
                early 2016 to examine the degree & rate of progress toward equal opportunity for
                Asian Americans to rise to higher administrative ranks in private industries and
                universities.  The list of the Asian American leaders will be jointly decided by the
                Labor Department and the 80-20 Initiative.

Kathleen To offered the motion to accept the conclusion as stated above. Ved Chaudhary seconded it. ALL voted yes. No nays. No abstains.

It was also suggested that 80-20 Initiative can use the Freedom of Information Act to get
data from OFCCP as evidence to show the extent of progress made by that agency.

The two main activities for the Collective Leadership to assume during a period of 18 days in October are as follows:

1. Sending 2 Mass Emails: The size of membership depends primarily on the effectiveness of our mass email. There is a lot of technology involved. Some members of the collective leadership must learn how to do the basic steps and send out TWO mass emails during this period. The entire leadership will need to receive feedbacks from those 2 emails, and individuals assigned to reply to these incoming emails.

There is a good write up on Mass Email technique. A specific person, possibly the coordinator, ought to be assigned that duty.

Ved Chaudhary volunteered to take on the responsibility to send out two mass emails during October.

2. Understanding 80-20ís Communication System: The key to understanding our communication system is knowing how a versatile administrative page (called the pink page) functions. Both Diana and SB know how to use it.

No computer of other technical background is required. Only some reading of the operating manual, memorization and dedication is required to learn how to use it.  There are tens of windows and buttons to click and try out in order to acquire a users' knowledge of the pink page.
A specific person need to be assigned that duty who would acquire a user's knowledge of the pink page. 80-20 may still be on the black list of two small networks. Hopefully, this leader who takes on this specific duty will get us white listed in those two small networks.  

After extensive discussions, Kathleen To agreed to take on this responsibility.

Ved Chaudhary offered a motion that EC members will try out the experiment in Collective Leadership for 18 days with the two major projects as stated above. SB Woo seconded the motion. ALL voted yes. No Nays. No abstains.

Initially, the collective leadership would include members of the Executive committee.  However, if the experiment is successful and Collective Leadership proves to be a viable means to continue to operate in the future, EC may welcome other Board members to join if they can take responsibility for specific tasks.

Towards the end of the meeting, Dr. SB Woo expressed the desire that, starting in 2012, he will like not to doing administrative functions for 80-20 that he has been doing for many years as the president. But he would continue to work for 80-20 to (1) answer questions if and when asked (2) travel the nation to find qualified candidates to run for the 80-20 PAC president position, if authorized by the Board, (3) maintain political contacts, including meetings with presidential candidates and (4) he will try to raise $1 million for the 80-20 Educational Foundation.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm

Notes taken by:
Ved Chaudhary
Secretary, 80-20 Initiative