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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Asian American 80-20 Initiative
Meeting Minutes of
Conference Call April 2, 2011

A conference call of the Executive Committee of 80-20 Initiative was held on April 2, 2011
at 2:00PM EST. The following EC members joined the conf call:
Ved Chaudhary, Chenming Hu, Kathleen To, S.B. Woo, Jing-Li Yu, and Munsup Seoh.
Suzanna Lin (Director of Operations) was also present.

Meeting was called to review the progress with the recruitment of new members. Dr. S.B. Woo reported that the progress in the first week was very good: 116 new members signed up in the first 8 days of our campaign. However, since then the progress has significantly dropped off: only 25 or 30 members in the second week so far.

Ideas were discussed on how to keep the momentum going.

Chenming Hu raised the motion: “Ask all 80-20 Board members to bring at least 10 new members in the next 4 months”.  Ved Chaudhary seconded the motion.
During discussion of the motion, Kathleen To proposed an amendment: “Board members, who can not find 10 new members, will be allowed to give gift membership(s) by paying $35 per membership and finding a friend who will accept it and is a citizen or PR.  Each Board member is also asked to keep track of the names of the 10 members whom he/she has recruited.”
Ved Chaudhary seconded the motion.

The amendment was voted. ALL Yeh. No Nays. No abstains. Amendment passed

Then the original motion was voted.  All Yeh. No nays. No abstains.
Motion passed unanimously. YT Lee also voted in favor by email on April 3 to SB Woo.

Further discussions were held on other ways to raise funds.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm

Notes by Ved Chaudhary
Secretary, 80-20 Initiative