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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Asian American 80-20 Initiative
Meeting Minutes of
Conference Call - January 28, 2011

A conference call of the Executive Committee of 80-20 Initiative was held on January 28, 2011
at 8:00 PM EST. The following Board members joined the conf call: Ved Chaudhary, Chenming Hu, Kathleen To, S.B. Woo, and Jing-Li Yu. Suzanna Lin (Operations Director) also joined in.

The only Agenda Item for this conference call was to discuss that someone must assume the duties of the 80-20 President for the interim duration till the Board meeting in February.   Activities necessary for the president to do in this interim period were discussed. Examples: to draft a meeting agenda, prepare a detailed meeting docket -- a lot of work that requires someone with thorough knowledge of what 80-20 has done in the past years and conducting/presiding at the Board meeting.  For someone to do this work without proper authorization will set a bad precedent -- presuming the authorities of the President without due authorization is not desirable.

As a result, Ved Chaudhary introduced the motion: "to authorize S.B. Woo to assume the duties of the President until the Board meeting on Feb. 27 is over."  Kathleen To seconded the motion. S. B. recused himself (dropped off the conference call) during the above transaction.

Ved Chaudhary and Kathleen To being the only Executive members eligible to vote, the motion was unanimously carried out.

Notes prepared by:
Ved Chaudhary

January 31, 2011