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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
Conference Call October 13, 2010

A conference call of the Board members of 80-20 Initiative was held on October 13, 2010
at 9:15PM EST. The following Board members joined the conf call:
Fel Amistad, Ved Chaudhary, Beverly Hong-Fincher, Hilary Hsu, Chenming Hu, Alice Huang, Y-T Lee, Edward Lin, Linden Nishinaga, Kathleen To, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo, David Yang, Jing-Li Yu, and Charles Zhang. Suzanna Lin (Special Assistant) also joined in

Having verified that quorum was present, the meeting started. The only Agenda Item for this conference call was to discuss the two gubernatorial candidates running for office in California and endorse one of them.

  1. S.B. Woo provided the background information about the contacts and attempts at negotiations with both candidates campaign staff to respond to 80-20’s questionnaire.
  2. At the end of the discussion, Hilary Hsu put the motion before the Board to endorse Meg Whitman, Republican candidate for Governor in California. 
  3. Beverly Hong-Fincher seconded the motion.
  4. The Board members present voted as follows: ALL YES, except three who abstained: Fel Amistad, Y-T Lee and Linden Nishinaga abstained.
    For the record, the following Board members voted YES:
    Chenming Hu, Charles Zhang, Ed Lin, Beverly Hong, Kathleen To, Ved Chandhary, David Yang, Joel Wong, Hilary Hsu, S. B. Woo, Jing-Li Yu, and Alice Huang.


With the above vote, 80-20 Board endorsed Meg Whitman for the Governor of California. The meeting continued with discussions of Ads in newspapers in California  to support Whitman.

The meeting adjourned at 10PM. EST.

Note: These two Board members were not present in the conference call/meeting but voted by email soon after the conference call ended, as follows:
Nakanishi - No 
Cao - Abstain

Notes prepared by:
Ved Chaudhary
Acting Secretary
October 29, 2010