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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of
Conference Call August 19, 2010

A conference call of the Board members of 80-20 Initiative was held on August 19, 2010 at 9:15PM EST. The following Board members attended the conf call:
Quan Cao, Chenming Hu, Beverly Hong-Fincher, Yueh-Ting Lee, Edward Lin, Linden Nishinaga, Kim Song, Kathleen To, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo, David Yang, Jing-Li Yu, Munsup Seoh, Anthony Yen, and Suzanna Lin (Special Assistant).
Agenda discussed:

  1. To secure a president in 2011 and onward:
    SB Woo explained that the president is the CEO of our organization who sets policies and goals with the Board and represents 80-20 externally.  He should be someone with prestige who can raise money from individuals, has a good heart, strategic and tactical sense, significant career achievement, and is trained to be a leader.

    Potential candidates were discussed.  Chenming Hu declined to be considered for the position.  SB Woo asked that the Board members think about this and send him names of candidates who fit the criteria for the position.
  2. To anticipate Public Reaction to Daniel Feng in the Transition Period
    Concern was expressed that the announcement of the appointment of the new Executive Director Daniel Feng and the stepping down of SB Woo could be unsettling to our general membership and may give the wrong impression that 80-20 is changing direction or falling apart.  Chenming Hu suggested that SB Woo’s becoming the Acting President will provide the stabilizing force and give reassurance to 80-20 members. SB indicated willingness to serve.   (There was active discussion and SB Woo excused himself during this discussion).  Edward Lin suggested that, to reassure our membership, we include in the announcement of the appointment of the new Executive Director that SB Woo will continue to be actively involved in the leadership of 80-20 and guide the future of 80-20 for years to come.  Every board member who spoke paid tribute to SB Woo with some expressing concern about continuity and succession planning. Yueh-ting felt that we need to get more Board members involved to take up the challenge and learn the ropes of politics while SB is available as mentor.  Concern was expressed by some board members that out of deference and respect, candidates for president/acting president may be reluctant to come forth while SB is serving as Acting President. They may just sit back and wait, thus delaying the search for a presidential candidate.  David Yang recommended that SB be appointed Chair of the Search Committee for the President to signal the position is available. 

    The following motion was made by Kathleen To, seconded by Yueh-Ting Lee, and passed unanimously:

    "The Board will actively seek a Board member to step up to be the Acting President.  If by August 29, 2010, no one steps forward, the Board will appoint SB Woo to be the Acting President."
  3. Raising $80,000 in 12 months from now
    If we fail, PAC has reserve for 2 years.  We need a president to help raise money from individuals.  Maybe we can find some donors to commit to giving $5000 a year for 5 years.  PAC can get some money from EF by renting its email list to EF.  SB believed that the rental may bring in a maximum of $5,000-10,000 a year.
  4. What to do concerning judicial nominees Goodwin Liu & Edward Chen? 
    The nominations of Goodwin Liu and Edward Chen have been "returned to President".  This meant that they will not be considered by the senate unless the President nominates them again next year and the nominations are essentially dead.

    The following motion was made by Kathleen To and seconded by SB Woo:

    We will inform our members that Goodwin Liu and Edward Chen’s confirmation was supported by c-100, JACL, OCA, …, etc. but was block by the Republicans in the senate from being voted upon.

    All voted in favor except one abstention by Chenming Hu.
  5. Discretionary Fund for the Executive Director:
    SB will send an amendment to the Board members to be voted on regarding the discretionary fund for the Executive Director.  After its passage with a 2/3 approval of the Board, it is to be voted on by the general membership together with the voting of Board members and officers in the next November election.

Meeting adjoined at 10:55pm Eastern time.