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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via Teleconference

Date: Monday, May 17, 2009

Time: 9:00 PM ET

Members Present: S.B. Woo, Laura Hsu, Jing-Li Yu, Yuko Nakanishi, Beverly Hong, Quan Cao,Alice Huang, Ed Lin, Linden Nishinaga, Chenming Hu, Ved Chaudhary, Lena Tam,
Joel Wong, Yueh-ting Lee, Fel Amistad, David D. Yang
Staff Present: Suzanna Lin

Action Minutes:

1. The following motion was read by Chenming Hu and voted by voice vote.
The Acting Executive Director shall send questionnaires to the three candidates in the 2010 California GOP Senate Primary race. The Executive Committee will decide on the endorsement of one or two candidates or not making any endorsement in the California GOP Senate Primary race based on the candidates' answers and other information relevant to their support of AA concerns.

Result: All Yeh, No Nays, No Abstains
After the meeting, Faxes to all 3 campaigns have been sent by 4 p.m. ECT on May 18.
But only one candidate has responded.

2. SB Woo will share the list of National Asian American Organizations with Ved Chaudhary, Co-chair of this committee, and SB will draft an informal, unofficial,
’memo of understanding’ that may be discussed with the organizations when we  approach them for our proposal to work together and help each other on common
Asian American issues that we share.
After the meeting: SB has provided names of organizations and list of key points.

3. 80-20 will provide existing Life members ‘Recognition plaques’ with a request for them to donate $60 towards the expense of creating and shipping individual plaques.

4. Beverly Hong speaking for the Ad-hoc committee responsible for exploring if 80-20 can provide some limited pro-bono Legal help expressed difficulty in the subcommittee’s ability to find enough Asian American attorneys to provide such pro-bono help to all members. SB stated that he is talking with APALC chair in LA in this context.

5. YT Lee and SB informed Ohio chapter has 50 members and another chapter can be possibly started in Ohio.

Conf call connection was unsatisfactory for many participants. The conf call was prematurely ended at 9:45PM

Notes taken by

Ved Chaudhary