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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via Teleconference

Date: Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time: 9:15 PM ET

Members Present: Fel Amistad, Laura Hsu, Chenming Hu, Frank Lee, Ed Lin, Yuko Nakanishi, Linden Nishinaga, Roy Saigo, Lena Tam, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo.
(Kathleen To, Alice Huang, and Jing-Li Yu sent in their votes via e-mail.)

Members Absent: Beverly Hong, Kim Song, David Yang, Charles Zhang
Staff Present: Helen Wang

Nature of the Meeting and Duration: Conference call lasting 45 minutes

Approval: The letter to be sent to US Senior Democratic Senators was unanimously approved by all who participated in the conference call, and all who sent in votes via e-mail. The letter is to urge the Senators to search and place qualified Asian American jurists on their short list of three to submit to President Obama as a potential federal District judge in their respective states.

Actions to be taken: Each Board Member will send in the name(s) of at least one US Senior Dem. Senator with whom they will contact and follow up. In some states, with known capable members, we may have them involved.  We may also urge all members in a given state to email their own Senior Dem. Senator.


Fel Amistad moves to approach NAPABA one more time, with a deadline to respond in 3 days, asking whether it wants to sign on to the letter indicated above or a similar letter.

Ed Lin seconds the motion.
The motion was approved (9 ayes; 1 nay: Roy Saigo).
10:00 PM ET Meeting adjourned.