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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Executive Committee Via E-mail

Date: Friday, June 19, 2009

Time: 9:00 PM ET

Members Present: Yuko Nakanishi, Linden Nishinaga, Roy Saigo, S.B. Woo, Jing-Li Yu, Charles Zhang

Members Absent: Kathleen To, Chenming Hu (Advisor to the EC)

Guests Present: Paul Donnelly and Bruce Morrison, former member of Congress who was the chair of the House Immigration subcommittee and the principal author of the last permanent increase in legal immigration. (The guests were present during the background discussion and answered questions. Both guests were invited to leave before EC's internal discussion and voting).
Staff Present: Helen Wang

Nature of the Meeting and Duration: Conference call lasting 45 minutes

Approval: The motion below has the unanimous approval.


Roy Saigo moves to support the specific new legislation S. 1182 introduced by Senator Gillibrand, which repeals the anti-Chinese immigration law and which increases 1,000 employment-based visas for Chinese immigrants to reach a uniform per-country limit of 9,800 a year. 

Yuko Nakanishi seconds the motion.
The motion was unanimously approved.
9:45 PM ET Meeting adjourned.