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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via E-mail

   On 2/16/2009, the following was moved by S. B. Woo and seconded by both Ed Lin and Joel Wong for consideration by the Board.  It was passed with 16 of the 18 voting Board members voting for it.  Two members did not voting. S. B. Woo was to forward the statement to Ted Lieu, Co-Chair of the California
Joint Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus.  Woo may also, as an option, issue a press release to the California media regarding this statement.

"   The 80-20 Initiative, Inc., which is by far the largest Asian American political action organization in the nation, expresses its support for the letter dated February 3, 2009 and sent to The University of California
Board of Regents by the California Joint Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus.  The Joint Caucus is bipartisan and bicameral.  It is composed of all 11 Asian American elected officials in the California Senate and Assembly.

   The letter urged the Regents to do a more thorough evaluation of how the changed admission policy, to begin in 2012, would impact low-income and minority students including Asian Americans.  The new policy will use aptitude tests (SAT I) over achievement oriented tests (SAT II).

   The letter also expressed concern that "No Asian Pacific Islanders serve on UC Regent Comm. on Education Policy and only one of the 26 members of the UC Board of Regents is of Asian Pacific Islander decent."

   The Joint Caucus further intends to hold hearings and bring sunshine to this rather opaque decision by the Board of Regents.

   80-20 is delighted that elected Asian American officials are sharing the concerns of the Asian American community in such a firm but responsible manner.  We urge all to follow keenly the subsequent development of this issue, and appreciate the efforts made on behalf of our community by these elected officials.

   They are Ted Lieu, and Van Tran, who are co-chairs of the Joint Caucus. Additional members are Mike Eng, Paul Fong, Warren Furutani, Mary Hayashi, Carol Liu, Fiona Ma, Alberto Torrico, Mariko Yamada, and Leland Yee who is the only Asian American CA State Senator."

Board members voting for the Motion are:
Fel Amistad, Beverly Hong, Laura Hsu, Chenming Hu, Alice Huang, Frank Lee, Ed Lin, Yuko Nakanishi, Linden Nishinaga, Kim Song, Lena Tam, Kathleen To, Joel Wong, S. B. Woo, David Yang, and Charles Zhang.

Board members who didn't cast a vote are:
Roy Saigo and Jing-Li Yu

Respectfully submitted,

Yuko Nakanishi