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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via E-mail

Date: December 15-16, 2008

Members participated in voting: '08 and '09 Board members

Nature of the meeting: The Acting Executive Director, S.B. Woo, e-mailed all '08 and '09 Board members to vote on the motion below by replying to S. B. Woo.

Approval: The motion below was unanimously approved by each of the 08 and 09 Boards. There were 15 affirmative votes. No negative or abstaining vote was cast. The members who voted yes were:
Kathleen To, David Chai, Yuko Nakanishi, Joel Wong, Fel Amistad, Charles Zhang, Roy Saigo, Y.T. Lee, Kim Song, Ed Lin, Jing-Li Yu, S. B. Woo, Amy Mok, David Yang, and Lena Tam. 


S. B. Woo moves that:

"Owing to personal reasons, Laura Hsu, the elected Chair of the Nomination Comm. to serve from 1/1/09 to 12/31/10,  has asked for resignation from her Chair position, although she'll still want to "continue to be as useful as I can" and therefore keep her Board position.  Our 2008 president Kathleen To and Acting Exec. Director for the forseenable future, S. B. Woo have jointly accepted her resignation from the Chair position.  

What you need to vote on is the following:

According to our Bylaws 3.4.2, the Board is to appoint an Acting Chair of the Nomination Comm. for the remainder of her term.  S. B. Woo has nominated Linden Nishinaga, who is our current Nomination Chair and is eligible to serve one more term of two years.  Kathleen To has seconded.  Owing to the unusual timing of this particular resignation, i.e. an elected 09 Committee Chair resigning before the 09 Board is to have taken office and owing to the the preparation that a 09 Nomination Chair must do before 1/1/09, we are asking both the 08 and 09 board to vote on this motion to appoint an Acting Comm. Chair for the 2009 to 2010 term."

Kathleen To seconds the motion.

The motion was unanimously approved by each of the 08 and 09 Boards. Hence, Linden Nishinaga has been elected as the Chair of the Nomination Committee serving from 1/1/2009 to 12/31/2010.