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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via Teleconference

Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time: 6:15 PM PST

Members Present: Kathleen To, David Chai, Kelvin Chen, Edward Lin, Amy Mok, Linden Nishinaga, Kim Song, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo, David Yang, Jing-Li Yu

Memers Absent: Hong-Yee Chiu, Laura Hsu, Frank Lee, Yueh-Ting Lee, John Wong

Staff Present: Helen Wang

Nature of the Meeting and Duration: Conference call lasting 40 minutes

Approval: The items reported below have the unanimous approval of all who participated in the Board meeting.


Kathleen To moves to accept the Obama campaign's proposal stated in Chris Lu's e-mail as it is, if Senator Obama signs all "Yeses" on our questionnaire with questions 4 and 5 amended as the campaign proposed.

S.B. Woo seconds the motion. 

The motion was unanimously approved.
6:55PM PST Meeting adjourned.