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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 80-20 Initiative Board Meeting Via Teleconference

Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time: 9:15 PM EST

Members Present: Kathleen To, David Chai, Hong-Yee Chiu, Laura Hsu, Edward Lin, Linden Nishinaga, Kim Song, John Wong, Joel Wong, S.B. Woo, Jing-Li Yu

Memers Absent: Ademan Angeles, Kelvin Chen, Yueh-Ting Lee and Amy Wong Mok (both Amy and Yueh-Ting were present at the Executive Committee meeting held on Monday, November 12, 2007)

Staff Present: Helen Wang

Nature of the Meeting and Duration: Conference call lasting 1 hour 15 minutes

Approval: The items reported below have the unanimous approval of all who participated in either the Executive Comm or Board meetings.  Kelvin Chen, David Yang, and Ademan Angeles were the only ones who missed both meeting.


S.B. Woo moves

1. to support the strategy proposed in S.B. Woo's e-mail to John Liu on 11/11/07, that is, to start 80-20's Iowa & New Hampshire campaigns and to later begin a "Call to Action" focusing on Hillary Clinton.  Her campaign thinks that she already has support from the Asian Americans, and doesn't need to address the concerns of Asian Ams. anymore.  We want to pressure the Clinton Campaign to sign 80-20's questionnaire in a satisfactory manner, and

2. that all Board Members commit not only to send in their personal emails/faxes but also ask for friends to send emails/faxes once a "Call to Action" will have been issued.

No need to second this motion, because it had been approved by the Executive Committee on 11/12/07.

The motion was unanimously approved.

10:30PM EST Meeting adjourned.