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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


San Mateo Hilton Garden Inn

Meeting is called to order by S. B. Woo, Chair, at 9 AM, February 5th, 2005.


1. 80-20 Officers: S. B. Woo (President), Fel Anthony Amistad (Vice-President), Jackie Quan (Treasurer), Kathleen To (Secretary), Julia Wan (Nominations Chair), Larry Ho (Election Monitoring Chair)

2. 80-20 Directors: Rajen Anand, Giga Andreyev, David Chai, Kenneth Chia,  Peter Wang, James Wu

3. Observers: Katy Woo, and Jing-Li Yu (80-20 staff)

4. Presentations by: Brad Yamauchi and William Kwong, from Minami, Lew, and Tamari Law Firm.


1.      Julia Wan moves to have an ad hoc committee chaired by Larry Ho to give a report in 6 months recommending how to control e-mail list in the future. Kathleen To seconds. Motion is passed unanimously.

2.      Rajen Anand moves to recess the meeting at 5 pm Feb 5th till 9 AM Feb 6th. Kathleen To seconds. Motion is passed unanimously.

3.      Giga Andreyev moves to adjourn the meeting at 11:10 am, Feb 6th, 2005. Julia Wan seconds. Motion is passed unanimously.


Straw Poll:

            A straw poll was taken on February 5th whether 80-20 should file a lawsuit against the DOL for non-enforcement of EO 11246 or file against an institution that violates Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The unanimous consensus is to go with EO 11246, pending the lawyer’s presentation.

 Ad Hoc Committee Assignments

  1. Fel Amistad will chair committee to search, in the next 3 years, for an Asian American Democratic candidate that 80-20 can help support.
  2. Fel Amistad will chair Outreach Committee to Filipino American Organizations; Rajen for Indian Americans, Giga Andreyev for Mongolian Americans.
  3. David Chai will help in Chapter Relations Committee which has been chaired by Kathleen To.
  4. Pete Wang will chair Outreach Committee to Detroit Asian American organizations and “Chinese Michigan News.” Will check on Asian American politicians in Michigan.


Action Items:

1.      S. B. Woo will search for a Republican to head a Committee to search for a Republican Asian American candidate to support.

2.      David Chai will talk to World Journal (in New Jersey) if and when 80-20 decides to file a lawsuit against the Department of Labor or under Title VII

3.      S. B. will send the Board the info for Affiliates.

4.      S. B. Woo will seek 2nd opinion from Philadelphia lawyers and consult with Anthony Ching on whether to file for enforcement of EO 11246, file under Title VII or do both.

5.      Jackie Quan pledges to raise $25,000 for legal costs if and when 80-20 files its lawsuit.

Meeting is adjourned at 11 AM, February 6th, 2005.

Respectfully submitted by
Kathleen To, Secretary

 Approved by
S B Woo, President