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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 22-23, 2004


Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1221 Chess Drive, Foster City CA 94404


1) Board members: Julia Wan, Peter Luh, Rajen Anand, Fel Amistad, Giga Andreyev, Kathleen To, Kenneth Chia, Mei-Ling Wu (former Hsu), Gareth Chang,* Kenneth Fong,* SB Woo

2) Guests: Raymond Wong (President, Organization of Chinese Americans), Niraj Baxi* (President, National Federation of Indian American Associations)

3) Observers: Katy Woo, Jing-Li Yu

* Sunday attendees.


Action Minutes, May 22:

1) S. B. Woo rules that Albert Huang is not a Board member until he pays his membership dues for the current year. Hearing no objections, so ruled.

2) Agenda for May 22-May 23 is approved..

3) Proposed Budget: S. B. Woo moves to approve the proposed budget for 2004. Julia Wan seconds. The motion is approved unanimously.

4) Confidential Tactic: Exec. Committee has already moved and seconded the confidential tactic regarding the Presidential election, in light of the recent results of the poll conducted by S. B. Woo. The motion is approved unanimously.

5) Bylaw amendments: I) Kathleen To moves, S. B. Woo seconds, to:

a) Add to 3.2.1: All members of the Board of Directors shall promote 80-20, recruit new members and raise funds for the organization.. All members shall devote at least  AT LEAST one hour per week to the work of the organization.

b) Add to 3.2.2:  All members of the Board of Directors must be members of the Organization in good standing by February of each year.

c) Add to 3.2.3: Vacancies shall be filled by the affirmative vote of a majority of the directors then in office, in consultation with the nominating committee.

d) delete from last paragraph, 3.1, “count” from “The Secretary of the organization shall certify and count votes.”

e) add to: 3.4.1 (c)  Appoint directors to fill the vacancies of all standing committees…

II) Rajen Anand moves to change 3.2.4 from “A quorum must be present in a physical meeting.” to “A quorum shall be required to conduct any business at a meeting.” Kathleen To seconds?

III) Kathleen To moves to delete “two” from article 7.3, “Representatives from the two presidential candidates…” Rajen Anand seconds.

The bylaw amendments are unanimously approved.

IV) Rajen moves to table set of amendments on 6.3 Regional Committees. Motion to table approved unanimously.

6) Membership Expansion: Peter Luh moves that each Board member recruit 20 members by Dec 30, 2004. Fel Amistad seconds. Motion is approved by Julia Wan, Peter Luh, Fel Amistad, Giga Andreyev, Kenneth Chia, AND S. B. Woo.  Mei-Ling Hsu and Kathleen To abstain. Rajen Anand votes Nay.


Action Minutes, May 23, 2004

1) Section 6, Bylaw Amendments: Rajen Anand moves, Julia Wan seconds:

6.3   Regional Committees:  Each of the Regional Committees (RC) shall comprise of at least 25 paid National members, provided it receives approval of the President of 80-20. RC shall be certified every three years from the date of their first approval.

The chair of an RC is elected by their members each year and is a non-voting member of the Board.  The chair of an RC with 100 members or more in good standing shall become a voting member of the Board.

An RC that does not have at least 25 members in good standing by June 30th of each year shall automatically be dissolved on that date.

6.3.1   Regional Committee Privileges:   A regional committee shall not require to have separate bylaws or local dues.  The National shall supply an RC with operating funds provided a budget is approved in advance.    An RC shall have a web site provided by the National, containing an activities list, a membership list and other information as the RC may desire.

6.3.2   Regional Committee Functions:   A regional committee is to assist the National in projects where the presence of local volunteers is critical.  Projects such as but not limited to:

(a)   80-20’s Flag Display project on July 4th.
(b)   Ticket selling for 80-20 fundraisers
(c)   Advertising in local newspapers, radio and television stations

Motion is unanimously approved.

2) Chapter Membership: Executive Committee moved and seconded, to amend article 6.2 of the bylaws:

6.2. A chapter that does not show at least 25 members in good standing by June 30 of each year is automatically dissolved as of that date.

Motion is unanimously approved.

3) Cooperation with OCA and NFIAA: Rajen Anand moves to draft a memorandum of understanding (cooperation?) between 80-20 and OCA and NFIAA. Giga Andreyev seconds. Motion is unanimously approved.

Action Item: Jing-Li Yu is to schedule a teleconference in the next 2 weeks  between all Board members for Gareth Chang to discuss how each Board member can help hold fundraisers

4) Adjournment: Rajen Anand moves to adjourn at 10:30 AM. Giga Andreyev seconds. Motion is unanimously approved. Meeting is adjourned at 10:30 AM, Sunday, May 23, 2004.