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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of The Executive Committee Meeting of 9/6/03:

All 5 members were present. The only actions are as follows. They were administrative in nature, and were not deemed to require approval by the whole Board. However, if any Board member objects to having any of the following 4 specific items considered as administrative, S. B. will be pleased to put the said item(s) to a Board vote. All 4 items were passed unanimously.

1. The Tien Chang-Lin Memorial Internship should be continued. S. B. was authorized to raise money so that the fund will expand from the current $6K to about $10K.

2. The National 80-20 will not take action regarding the Special election in California, to be held on 10/6 or later.

3. Student membership was approved. The annual fee shall be $15, with a full vote. If there is a very fast increase in student membership, the Board MUST specifically discuss this matter again to understand its challenges and implications.

4. "A Reciprocity Partnership Program to Forge Unity Between Asian American Communities" was approved. A brief description of the Partnership, excerpted from the docket of the meeting, is seen below:

"What is the Reciprocity Partnership? 80-20 will reach agreement with other large APA organization to support each others annual conventions/banquets by sending representative who will purchase a given dollar amount of tickets. Whatever one partner in this program will do for the others, the others will reciprocate.

It creates a win-win situation. The benefits are as follows. First, each partner organizations event will have more participants and show more diversity. Second, the activists in various components of the APA community will gradually get to know each other, since they attend each others functions. More trusts may develop. Third, the partner organizations does lose money."

The National Federal of Indian American Association, the largest Indian American organization is the nation of which our our Board Member Rajen Anand is the President-elect, is highly interested in forming such a partnership with 80-20.

Respectively Submitted by,

Kathleen To, Secretary, and approved by

S. B. Woo, President.