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Board of Directors Meeting Docket

Physical Meeting Docket for August 25, 2012 (Saturday):
Marina Room,
Hilton Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles, CA

Breakfast        8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

Meeting Convenes at 8:30 a.m.

  1. Self Introduction (30 minutes)

  2. Required Meeting Procedure: Robert's Rules of Order (10 minutes) Jing-Li Yu

  3. Electing a Parliamentarian for this Board meeting (5 minutes)   S. B. Woo

  4. Report by The Treasurer (15 minutes.) Jing-Li Yu

  5. A. Membership Report:     Haibo Huang, Jing-Li Yu, Diana Ting
    Membership Trend 2012 YTD, and projection (15 minutes)
    Effectiveness of 80-20's Mass emails and E-mail list (15 minutes) - Haibo Huang
    B. Fund Raising Report (15 min) - S.B. Woo

  6. 10:15 a. m. :  BREAK FOR 15 MINUTES

  7. 80-20 PAC position on Race Nuetral College Admission Policy (5 minutes)  Ved Chaudhary
    Other AsAm organization NOT supporting Race nuetral college Admission Policy (10 min)- S.B. Woo
    What can we do to get their cooperation and dissuade them from perpetuating racial discrimination against AsAms going forward - open discussion (15 min)

  8. A New Standing Committee - on 80-20 PAC Awards (15 minutes) -- Proposed Bylaws changes for the Awards committee  S.B. Woo

  9. Policy on 80-20 Political Financial contributions (10 minutes)  Ved Chaudhary
    How and where 80-20 can do the max good for AsAm community - S.B. Woo (10 min)
    Need for a Standing Committee for decisions on Pol Fin Contributions (15 min)
    npsp;npsp;-- Criteria for Political Financial contributions to be made by 80-20 (10min)

  10. 12:00 - 1:00 P.M.: LUNCH (TBD)

    1:00 PM Meeting Resumes

    Preparation for the Endorsement Convention to be held on Next day.

  11. Status of Existing Chapters and Organizing new chapters  (60 minutes)  
    - Four Chapters in Ohio
    - MI Chapter - Yin Long Qiu
    - Greater DC Chapter
    - FL chapter
    - NC Chapter (need volunteers)
    Critical role of Chapters in Battle Ground States (BGS)

  12. Planning for 80-20 PAC activities following the Convention
    (40 minutes)
    S.B. Woo, Yin-Long Qiu
    A. If we endorse a candidate
    B. If we DO NOT endorse a candidate.

  13. Budget for 2012 and 2012 BGS Election Budget/strategy (30 minutes) Jing-Li Yu

    3:10 p.m.: BREAK FOR 20 MINUTES

  14. The Future of 80-20 (90 min. closed door meeting - Board members Only)

  15. -- 80-20's New "Collective Leadership" Team Management Approach
    -- Board's Observations -- and CL's Experience with Team approach
    -- Prospects for finding a new President by 12/31/2012 ?
    -- How to reorganize the CL eff 1/1/2013?

    Adjournment at 5PM

Physical Meeting Docket
for August 26, 2012 (Sunday), Endorsement Convention (EC) 2012:

Hilton Los Angeles Airport, Los Angeles, CA

Breakfast        8:00 – 8:30 a.m.

Meeting Convenes at 8:30 a.m.

1. Welcome and Self Introductions  45 minutes.

2. Required Meeting Procedure: Robert's Rules of Order  10 minutes Jing-Li Yu

3.Electing a Parliamentarian for this EC meeting 5 minutes S.B. Woo

4.Getting ready for the 2012 elections 15 minutes S.B. Woo, Ved Chaudhary
-- Questionnaire Response (yes/no/status) from both Parties - Ved Chaudhary
-- Status of getting a Surrogate from both Parties - Ved Chaudhary

5. Update on Obama's Commitments to the Asian Am. Community 30 minutes
i. Enforcement of EO 11246 - S.B. Woo & Ved Chaudhary
ii. Obama's Commitment to Judicial appointments - S. B. Woo
iii. Meeting with 80-20 as Promised by Obama in 2008 - Ved Chaudhary
10:15 Break for 15 minutes

6. Surrogate from Party A (1 hour)

Presentation - Why should AsAm vote for your candidate? (30 min)
Q&A (30 min)

7. Surrogate from Party B (1 hour)

Presentation - Why should AsAm vote for your candidate? (30 min)
Q&A (30 min)
12:30 LUNCH BREAK (1 hour - Room ?)

8. Internal discussion within EC members (1.5 hour)

9. Secret Ballot

BREAK (15 minutes)

10. Ballot counting and Announcement of result

11. Press Conference ( 4PM )

5pm Adjourn


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1. Self Introduction:

Executive Committee.: Kathleen To (Treasurer), Ved Chaudhary (Secretary), Yueh-ting Lee (V.Pres. for Chapter Development), Munsup Seoh (V. Pres. For  Communication Technology), S.B.Woo (Immediate Past President), Chenming Hu (Chair, Election Monitoring Comm.), Jing-Li Yu ( Chair, Nomination Comm.)

Other Voting Board Members: Fel Amistad, Alice Huang, Ann Shum, Edward Lin, William Uy, David Yang, Quan Cao, Subash Razdan, William Uy, Robert Wu, Linden Nishinaga, Clyde Diao, Bert Mizusawa

Staff: Suzanna Lin, Operations Director


2. Report by the TreasurerJing-Li Yu

                              (A)                          INCOME of 2010:

1) Membership (including new Life Members + Voluntary Contribution from members + Fundraising from Life Members):       $*75,237.5
2) Reimbursements from EF [(staff time & internet usage for 2009, e-mail list)]:           $9,159.90
3) Interest Received                                                                        $430.96
4) Closing of 80-20 Boston old chapter bank account:                   $632.86

Total Income 2010                                                                             $85,461.22
* (Estimates of membership income from 3 year members: $14,890.50 & Life Members: $30,090)

(B)                        EXPENDITURE 0f 2010:

1) Payroll (Suzanna, Daniel, Paychex & Misc. pay-related fees) $*79,009.65
2) Payment to ISPs & internet-related consultant fees                 $ 7,389.4
3) Campaign Contributions and Election Expenses                     $24,989.03
4) Meeting Expenses
       a) Board meeting              $4,729.17
       b) Conference calls                     $533.56
5) 80-20 Chapter Development/Local organizations relations    $6,492.20
6) Bank Fees (including credit card handling fees for YourPay)   $2,100.78
7) Taxes** and Fees                                                                                $535.36
8) Donor / Life Members Plaques & Frames                                            $982.01
9) Miscellaneous                                                                                             $494.17

Total Expenses 2010                                                                     $127,255.33

                               Deficit of:  - $ 41,794.11
Total cash on hand (as of December 31, 2010): $130,119.29

Note:  To see the names of those who have donated to 80-20, and the detailed expenditures by PAC, please visit, http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00346015/ and click on reports for the period(s) you wish to check.  It is the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to which 80-20 PAC regularly reports.

Note:  Kathleen To is the Treasurer from 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2012.


3. Membership Report: 2010 summary and 2011 projection (15 minutes) Suzanna Lin and SB Woo

A. 2010 Summary                (15 minutes)  Suzanna 

a) Total Membership: 1846


b) Membership by Type:


Membership Type

% of Total Membership





Life Members


Membership by Type


c) Membership by Category:


Membership Category

% of Total Membership











Membership by Catagory

d) Membership by Options:


Membership Options



1-yr membership



3-yr membership



5-yr Autorenewal






Membership by Option


That is, more than half of our membership is either on multiple-year subscription or is a Life Member, helping to stabilize our membership. 


    ANALYSIS:      S. B. Woo

  • total membership decreased by 238 (-12%)
  • multi-year membership increased from 37% to 56% (+19%)
  • Why? 
  • Lack of NEW e-addresses & 15% annual attrition rate in old e-addresses
  • Bad economic times
  • Increase in confidence in 80-20 in spite of lacking a president

   Remedy for DECREASING E-addresses: when you receive an email with a large Cc list FORWARD it to Suzanna and me.
B. A Rough Projection for 2011:                  S. B.

   The number of members from 2002 to 2010 are:
YEAR:    2002   2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
Members:1600   2010   2013   2150   2050   1450   1600  2084  1846

   Project for 2011 is difficult.  It depends on whether the Board decides
to seek a mere "survival" or "go for broke" by aiming to double our membership in 2 years or quit.  If we decide the later, we'll get more than 2,500.  If we opt for the former, the number will be between 1700 & 2000.


4. Required Meeting Procedure -- Robert's Rules of Order (10minutes):   S. B. Woo

What one needs to know to chair or participate effectively in a meeting,
whether it's an 80-20 committee meeting or a university Board meeting
or a Fortune 500 stockholder's meeting. 


5. Electing a Parliamentarian for just this board meeting. (5 minutes):  S. B. Woo


6. Budget for 2011 (15 minutes)  S.B.

     Again, a projection is difficult, because size of our income will depend greatly on Board's decision to "go for broke" or "hang on if possible." The following is based on the assumption of "hanging on".

A)  Projected 2010 Budget
a) INCOME (based on the assumption of hanging on)
1. Membership Dues (10 new Life Members & 1700 regular
     members)                                                                                          $ 35K*
2. 80-20 EF's rental fee of PAC's e-mail list                                    $10K
3.  80-20 EF's share of using PAC's staff & IPS                             $  6K
4. Interest from the reserve fund of $160K                                      $  1K
5. Misc. Contributions                                                                          $  5K
6. Fundraising by the Board                                                               $ 20K

Total:                                                                         $ 77K

* The dues may seem small.  This is because 1/2 of our members are
either multi-year members or Life Members who have already paid their dues


1. Salary and benefits for Suzanna Lin                                           $ 60K
2. Payment to ISPs                                                                               $ 7K
3. E-mail consultant                                                                             $ 1K
4. Equipment & Postage                                                                     $ 1K
5. Meeting & traveling Expenses for staff & Board                         $ 3K
6. Printing cost & Phone Bills (conference calls)                           $ 1K
7. Unity Fund (donations to sister orgs & AsAm political
    candidates for the purpose of forging a unity)                            $  2K
8. Misc. (recognitions awards, Board expenses, etc.)                    $  2K
Total                                                                            $ 77K

     RESERVE AT THE END OF 2010 for PAC                       About $130K
     RESERVE AT THE END OF 2010 for EF                          About $120K.


The sum of the reserves is $250,000 which is 2 to 3 times the annual expenditure.  Most orgs have only 1 yr. of financial reserve.



    "Going for broke" is a gamble.  I believe that we'll have a fairly large surplus.
But the chance of doubling the members in 2 years is low.  80-20'll probably get a surplus of $20-30 K.  We need to get a surplus of $60K, if the goal of doubling the membership is to be achieved.

   Please bear in mind, that if we decide to "go for broke," then if we don't double the membership, we MUST QUIT.  I will definitely stop
volunteering so much time.

B)  Staff

   The staff situation is stable and satisfactory.


10:30 a. m. :  BREAK FOR 15 MINUTES


7. Update on the 1st, and the more important, of the 2 Obama Commitments to the Asian Am. community -- The enforcement of EO11246  (30 minutes) Chenming Hu & S. B. Woo

A) How much have Asian Ams' odds of being promoted to managers/
Administrator IMPROVED relative to national standards  during the
second 5-year study (from about 2002 to about 2007)? (5 minutes)  
Chenming Hu

No improvement whatsoever!!!   (5 minutes)  Chenming

B) Will it improve during Obama's first 4 years? 
                    (20 minutes)          SB                                                11:15

  • Stars are aligned that the enforcement of EO 11246 for Asian Ams seems


  • Hilda Solis is the Labor Secretary
  • Patricia Shiu is the Director of OFCCP, DOL having written 80-20 to assure

      us that EO 11246 will be enforced.  (In contrast, Elaine Chao was unwilling)

  • Betsy Kim is the White House liaison stationed at the DOL
  • Chris Lu is the White House Cabinet Secretary. He enjoys the same pay as the Chief of Staff, White House.
  • Meeting with Pres. Obama early next year - an election year - to review

       progress in equal opportunity

  • HOWEVER, no hard evidence of the enforcement is available yet
  • Why?
  • The EEOC data which enable us to find our upward mobility "odds" is at least 2 to 4 years behind the calendar year.
  • We'll likely meeting Pres. Obama in early 2012 which means no solid data

will be available

  • We are pushing to meet with the Director of OFCCP, DOL, Patricia Shiu,

As a way of letting the Obama Administration know that we are dead
serious about shattering the glass ceiling for Asian Ams.  (Show
recent communication if desired.)

  • By 2016, ample data will be available so that we'll know if Obama's Adm. did any better than the Bush Administration in enforcing this law for

Asian Ams. equally.

  • What to do without the hard evidence? 
  • STAY VIGILANT!  Having a meeting with Patricia Shiu of OFCCP again.  11:15


8. President Obama's 2nd Commitment to the Asian Am. thru 80-20 (30 minutes) S. B. Woo

   a. Update on the Number of Asian Am Federal judges:

  • In 2006,  6   District Judges                     0 Appeals Court judges
  • In 2011,  13  District Judges                    2 Appeals Court Judges

(Note: 1 in each category is not yet confirmed, indeed the prospect
 is not good, because the Republican senator are blocking them.)
Number of Asian Am federal judges in Chronological Order


# of APA Article III Federal Judges

Total # of Article III Federal Judges

% of APA Federal Judges

% APA Population

Special Note


      4 + (1)*




NAPABA formed


4 + (1)






4 + (1)






4 + (1)






4 + (1)






4 + (1)






5 + (0)






6 + (0)






4 + (1)






4 + (1)






5 + (1)






5 + (1)






5 + (1)






5 + (1)






5 + (1)






6 + (1)






6 + (1)






6 + (0)






6 + (0)




80-20 called a press conf. in LA to decry the paucity of Asian Am federal judges and vowed remedy


7 + (0)






8 + (0)




Obama committed to 80-20 to help increase Asian Am federal judges



10 + (1)




Pres. Obama took office & began to fulfill his commitments to YOU thru. 80-20


13 + (2)




Judge Edward Chen and Goodwin Liu are nominated but not yet confirmed.

* (1) - the number in red represents the number of Court of Appeals judges

    B. Shall 80-20 Mount Another effort to increase the no. of AsAm federal judges?

a) Background Info:

  • Senior Senator in President's party recommends 3 candidates to the President, when a vacancy occurs
  • The President pick one from among the three
  • Senate confirms it as a matter of routine unless the opposition party blocks it, which will take 60 votes to unblock.  Hence, such nominations are considered killed, unless a deal is struck.

b) What 80-20 did:

(i)    In Aug, 2009, 80-20 wrote to every senior Democratic senator, followed by phone calls by at least one 80-20 Board Member to the senator or the relevant staff.

(ii)   For senators who responded positively yielding results, 80-20 contributed money or political support during their re-elections.  80-20 even contributed to a foundation belonging to the chair of a judicial nomination committee appointed by a senior Dem senator.  NOTE:
the contribution is always made AFTER the appointment is made to
express gratitude and grease the path for future similar efforts.

c) Do we do it again or just focus our effort on working with
    OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program), DOL
    to remove glass ceiling?    
      I suggest that we focus on EO 11246 or
      the educational program described below.

C. Start an educational process About "Responsibility to mentor?"

    Goal:  To do conscious-raising that it is the responsibility of those
       who have benefited from 80-20's effort, breaking the glass ceiling,
       to mentor younger Asian Americans and protect them from unequal
       opportunity.  This is very hard to achieve.  WHY?
    Dealing with Human Nature:

Last year, a promoted Asian Am. judge wrote me and accused 80-20 of having overclaimed its role in his promotion and wanted us to retract an earlier statement.  I refused.  Indeed I challenge him to debate the issue in public and let the public decide whether it was 80-20's over-claiming or his ungratefulness.  I also pointed out to him that he could sue 80-20 if he wished.  He backed off.  I emailed him again to make sure that he has received my reply.

The lesson?  Many who have benefited from affirmative action want to think that it was due strictly to his/her own merit.  One noted exception is Conrado Gempesaw, recently promoted Provost of Miami Univ., OH.  He is an 80-20 member who publicly thanked the help of an Asian Am advocacy group at the U. of DE when he was promoted Assoc. Provost at U. of DE.


9. Getting Ready for the 2012 Election (40 minutes)  S. B. Woo

 A) Bylaws Provision on Endorsing Candidates   (10 minutes)  SB

  • Bylaws Article 7 is the authority. 
  • For Presidential Primary …. 2 months before the New Hampshire primary … send questionnaire …
  • For the General election … by deeds done in the previous 4 years and

by the quality of the promise

B) Special circumstances of the 2012 presidential election  

    President Obama have done some deeds for us. 

  • Quantity and quality of the his appointments
  • Appointment of AsAm federal judges
  • The breaking of the glass ceiling -- as yet an unknown

C) Board Discussion on the Importance of B)   (10 minutes)

D) Get more Asian Ams to be Delegates/Alternates to the National
    Convention of both parties? (10 minutes)                         

    What a National Convention of a political parties is all about. (2 minutes)    

  • People who have been active in a party has a fair chance, especially

    in the Democratic Party which sets aside quota for minorities.  It's
    D's way to build grassroots

  • What the convention is all about:  A big party unless there is a big

Delegate fight.  Party platform doesn't mean very much in the real world.

Lunch (Chit Chat Room, Atrium Café: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.)


10. What a Sister Org. APAPA has done to give input to0 Unive. of CA's announced admission policy & its implication on the higher admission bar for AsAm students (30 minutes) Joel wong, an invited speaker. He heads that effort for APAPA  


11. Organizing New Chapters (A 3-yr strategic plan) (25 minutes) Yueh-Ting Lee


12.80-20's E-Mail list needs help.  (30 minutes)  Yueh-Ting Lee


13. Appointing Ad Hoc Committees. All old Ad Hoc Committees go out of existence. (20 minutes)  S. B. Woo

       The Ad Hoc Committees of 2010
(1) Ad Hoc Comm.. on Chapter Development                         Chair: Yueh-ting Lee
(2) Ad Hoc Comm. to help Federal/State/Local government
      worker win equal opportunity.                                            Chair: Linden Nishinaga
(3) Ad Hoc Comm. to Outreach other Asian Am. Orgs.          Chair: Ved Chaudhary
(4) Ad Hoc Non-Partisanship Committee                                 Chair: Chenming Hu
(5) Equal Justice/Opportunity Committee                        Chair: Joel Wong
(6) Legal Assistance/Consulting Committee                          Chair: Jing Li Yu,
(7) IT Support Committee                                                          Co-chairs: Edward Lin & David Yang
(8) APA Heritage Committee                                                    Chair:  Fel Amistad
(9) Deriving Max Benefits for AsAms in CA through
      its Gubernatorial Race                                                          Chair:  Chenming Hu
(10) Recruit More Korean Am Members                                   Chair:  Munsup Seoh
(11) Recruit More Indian Am Members                          Chairs: Ved Chaudhary & Subash Razdan
(12) Recruit more Japanese Am Members                                 Chair: Bert Mizusawa
(13) Recruit more Vietnamese Am Members                             Chair: Quan Cao
(14) Recruit more Filipino Am Members                                   Chair: Clyde Diao


3:30 p.m.: BREAK FOR 20 MINUTES

14. Item 14 is CONFIDENTIAL - for 80-20 Board Members & staff only (2 hours)

Meeting Recessed



Physical Meeting Docket for February 27, 2011 (Sunday):

Breakfast        7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Meeting Convenes at 8:45 a.m.

1. Unfinished agenda items from yesterday  0 to 30 minutes.

TO BE READY for the immense challenge to
        all of us IN the next 2 years.

                        WHYs  &  WHY NOTs?

The Asian Am. Community

   For two BIG project -- Enforcement of EO 11246  &
                                            more  Asian Am. federal judges
WHY does an organization like 80-20 need to get into it?  After all, it is government business, affecting the most treasured core value of America -- EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL AMERICANS &

WHY didn't the federal government on its own correct such glaring
discrimination against Asian Americans?

WHY didn't elected officials like Mike Honda and David Wu, Senators
Inouye and Akaka, who have raised money from the Asian Ams, get into it?

WHY didn't national civic organizations like OCA, JACL, C-100, NAPABA (Nat'l Asian Pacific American Bar Association) get into it?
After all they were talking about those two issues BEFORE 80-20 even existed?

               WHYs  &  WHY NOTs?

Our own Board

    We'll not achieve our "go for broke" and succeed unless we have a good, efficient, functioning board.  We need to know each other better.  We need to think

              WHYs  &  WHY NOTs?

   Take the attendance of this Board meeting as an example.  Ved
Chaudhary (visiting India) , Ed Lin (visiting China), and Chenming Hu (accepting an award) told us from day one that they couldn't be at the meeting.

WHY did Chenming Hu stay on the phone to be at the Board meeting,
Although he has a perfect excuse not to since he is elsewhere
accepting a "Life Time Achievement" award from a prestigious organization?

WHY ISn't Quan Cao at this meeting?

    He is supposed to go visit Viet Tribune on Friday.  He volunteered
for an agenda item -- Robert's rule.  He repeatedly assured Suzanna and me that he'll be here.  He has always stepped up to run for officer's positions.  He has always sent sweet words to various Board member. 

     But he is absent. 

Indeed, in spite of the well known fact that A Board member must be a dues-paying member, we discovered that he was NOT a member last year
and wrote him about it this year.  We all make mistakes, but please no game playing.  Some one will need to take measure to stop it.

        Know thy fellow Board members!!!
Otherwise choose to abstain.

80-20 Needs

            email addresses,
            members,    and

Please think about what you can do to help 80-20 & indirectly our community out.

2. Implementing our decision of yesterday  1 hours

3.  The Chairs of various Ad Hoc Comm. of 2010 reports on
     their achievements    30 minutes

4.  Report from Chairs of Ad Hoc Committees of 2011, appointed
     yesterday -- how do you plan to achieve your goal? (30 minutes)

5. Board's Observations on 80-20's Management & how to
     improve it.  (1 hour)

6. New Business

7. Adjournment at noon or earlier.  

Meeting Recessed