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Board of Directors Meeting Docket

Physical Meeting Docket for April 25, 2009 (Saturday):
Standford Room

Breakfast        7:30 8:30 a.m.

  1. Self Introduction (30 minutes)
  2. Report by The Treasurer (5 minutes) Jing-Li Yu
    Income/ Expenditure of 2008
  3. Membership Report: 2008 summary, and 2009 projection (15 minutes)   Helen Wang & S. B. Woo
    1. 2008 membership:  Helen Wang
    2. A Rough Projection for 2006:  S. B. Woo
  4. Required Meeting Procedure: Robert's Rules of Order (10 m.) Lena Tam
  5. Budget for 2006 and Personnel Matters    (10 minutes) S. B.

    10:10 a. m. :  BREAK FOR 10 MINUTES

  6. Update on the first of the Obama Commitments to the Asian Am. community -- the enforcement of E.O 11246(45 minutes):  S. B. and others
    1. Background
    2. Actions
  7. Update on the second of the Obama Commitments to the Asian Am. community -- the appointment of more AsAm. Federal judges .  (20 minutes)  Kathleen To
         a.  Background
         b.  Actions
  8. Getting a New Executive Order issued, as Suggested by EEOC, to Help Asian Am. Workers in Governments (15 minutes)
    1. Background
    2. Actions
  9. "Equal opportunity in workplaces" compared with "equal opportunity to enter first tier universities." 's Message (10 minutes)  Kathleen To
  10. How the Board Can ECHO to Help Project 80-20's Message (5 minutes) S.B.

  11. NOON - 1:00 P.M.: LUNCH BREAK

  12. Agenda item 11 is confidential for 80-20 Board Members & staff only. It'll probably end by 3 p.m.
  13. Increasing Membership (1.5 hours)
  14. Bylaw Amendments (15 minutes)  Kathleen To
  15. Preventive Anti-discrimination measures? (15 minutes)  Kathleen To

Meeting Recessed

Meeting will be adjourned no later than 6:30 p.m.  If the above item is not finished, it'll be picked up the next morning.


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1. Self Introduction:

Executive Comm.: Kathleen To (Immediate Past President), Yuko Nakanishi (Secretary), Jing-Li Yu (Treasurer), Linden Nishinaga (Nominations Comm. Ch.), Roy Saigo (Fundraising Comm. Ch.), Charles Zhang (Election Monitoring Comm. Ch.), S. B. Woo (Acting Exec. Dir.)

Other Voting Board Members: Frank Lee, Edward Lin, Fel Amistad, Beverly Hong-Fincher, Laura Hsu, Chenming Hu, Alice Huang, Kim Song, Lena Tam, Joel Wong, David Yang.

Non-voting members (Chapter Presidents): Cecil Fong of Houston (37 members), Yueh-Ting Lee of NW Ohio (32 members), Amy Chow of Mid-MO (18 members), and Mitsu Rajda of New Jersey (15-20 members). 

Staff: Helen Wang


2. Report by the TreasurerJing-Li Yu

2008 Budget

1) Membership (including new Life Members + Voluntary
     Contribution from members + Fundraising from Life
Total                                                                                  $107,951.97*
2) Reimbursement from EF for staff & internet                     $5,960.86
3) Interests Received                                                                $746.44**

Total Income 2008                                                             $114, 659.27

* This number is unduly large. It is because about 1/4 of our members in
  2008 have already paid their dues for the next 2 years, owing to our 3-yr 
  membership program instituted in MARCH 2008.  In other words, this figure
  is about 10% too large for the REAL MEMBERSIP dues of 2008.  This figure also
  include about $50K from Life Member related donations, either as the initial dues
  or as voluntary additional giving. 

**This number is obviously too small on a reserve fund of about $161K. 
Assuming a meager 3.5% interest, the interest payment will be $5.6K.  The
reported number is small because Jing automatically had the interests re-invested
into the CD.
           (Note that our expenditure actually highlights 80-20's
                                political activities in 2008

1) Payroll  (Helen & Paychex costs)                                          $48,878.76
2) Payment to ISPs & internet-related consultant fees                 $,9761.99
3) Election-related radio & newspaper ads  (a) CA primary for
    Clinton; 9B) battleground states for Obama                          $31,453.17
4) Political Contributions                                                             $6,250.00
5) Meeting Expenses
     a) Board meeting (banquet for Affiliate leaders &
           Life Memebers, staff travel & lodging)                              $4,699.13
     b) Press conf. in SF (endorsed Sen. Clinton for CA Primary)  $1,765.31
     c) Endorsement Convention (meals for about 35 Delegates
         & Alternates, staff travel and lodging, Obama endorsed)     $4,843.42
     d) Conference calls (a lot of strategic decisions)                         $908.74
6) Bank Fees (including credit card handling fees for YourPay)   $2,788.11
7) Income Tax                                                                                 $4,479.98
8) Miscellaneous                                                                             $2,897.03

Total Expenses 2008                                                                 $118,262.59

   DEFICIT for 2008 [expected when we planned the budget owing to election
expenses as 3) and 5) b) and c)]                                         $3,603.32

                                               TOTAL RESERVES

CDs (approximate)                                       $  93,000
Checking Acct                                              $  14,590.05
Savings Acct                                                $  53,442.06

Total Reserves for 2008                                                     $161,032.11


3. Membership Projection for 2006 (10 minutes)

  a.  2008 Membership Summary Report:  Helen Wang
        Total membership:              1,614

By Membership Type

Year 2008  Total Membership: 1,614

Membership Type

% of Total Membership

Total New


Total Renewals


Total Life/FL members


By Membership Category

Membership Category

% of Total Membership















In early March 2008, we posted a three-year membership renewal option on
our website. We have received approximately 1/3 of all new and renewing
members to enroll as 3-year members.

   b. A Rough Projection on 2009 Membership:  S. B. Woo

   Members From 2002 to 2208 are:

YEAR:             2002    2003    2004    2005    2006    2007    2008
Members:        1600    2010    2013    2150    2050    1450    1600

       In 2009, we hope to reach 2000 members, while adding
       20 new Life Members UNLESS the Board comes up with
       aggressive new recruiting measures to be discussed under
       agenda item 12. 

By 3/31/09, we already have 1354 members including 5 Life Members.  However, to
reach our target of having 2,000 member this year, we should know that the
remaining 650 members will NOT be easy to come by.


4. Required Meeting Procedure -- Robert's Rules of Order (15 minutes):   Lena Tam

For those who want a copy of a user friendly Q&A on "How to Use Robert's Rule of Order," please e-mail SB: sbw@udel.edu . Appointing a Parliamentarian?

5. 2006 Budget & Personnel Matters (10 minutes):  S. B. Woo

A) 2009 Budget
1. Membership Dues (20 new Life Members & 2000
    regular members)                                                     $ 67K*
2. Interest from the reserve fund of $160K                    $ 3K
3. Special fundraising events                                         $ 45K
4. Misc. Contributions                                                     $ 9K
5. Re-imbursement from 80-20 Edu. Foundation for
    sharing staff & mass emailing expenses** (about 30%
    of (50K +20K + 9K , seen below)                               $ 24K

Total:                                                                         $ 148K      

* The dues may seem small.  It is because about 1/4 of our members in 2009
  have already paid their dues in 2008, owing to our 3-yr membership system
  By year's end, about 1/3 of our members have already paid their dues for 2010.
 That is good news for membership stability & bad news for future income.
**There is not election this year.  Helen is expected to give MORE time to EF

1. Salary and Benefits
Helen Wang for the year                                                $ 50K
2. New staff to overlap Helen for 4 month                          $ 20K
3. Payment to ISPs & e-mail related consultant fees             $ 8K
4. E-mail consultant                                                             $ 1K
5. Equipment & Postage                                                       $ 2K
6. Meeting & traveling Expenses for staff & fundraising      $ 7K
7. Printing cost & Phone Bills (conference calls)                  $ 2K
8. Unity Fund (donations to sister orgs & AsAm political
    candidates for the purpose of forging a unity)               $ 10K
9. Overhead for fundraising events grossing $45K             $ 25K
10. Misc. (recognitions awards, Board expenses, etc.)         $ 10K

Total:                                                                               $135K 

     RESERVE AT THE END OF 2009:  About $174K
B) Staff

    Helen Wang who has served our organization with loyalty, diligence and
smarts, will be leaving us at the end of this year.  80-20 shall begin advertising
for a Special Assistant.  The position has ample upward mobility which could
eventually be upgraded to become the Executive Directorship.  I like to seek
your permission to have this person to overlap Helen by as many as 4 months.


10:10 a. m. :  BREAK FOR 10 MINUTES

6. Update on the first of the Obama Commitments to the Asian Am. community -- the enforcement of E.O 11246 (45 minutes): S. B. and others

A)                                            Background

i)  What Pres. Obama has promised regarding equal opportunity for AsAms.
Commitment from President Barack Obama

ii)  How Pres. Obama has acted regarding the Asian Am. Community as of today:

       2 Top Leaders in the 16 member Transition Team (TT): 
              Pete Rouse - a Japanese Am. is one of 3 co-chairs of the TT
              Chris Lu - Executive Director of the TT

       About 10 Senior White House Staff
              Chris Lu - Asst to the President and Cabinet Secretary
              Pete rouse - Senior Advisor
              Vivek Kundra - CIO, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
              Preeta Bonsal - General Counsel, OMB
              Tina Tchen - Head, Office of Public Liaison
              Sonal Shah - heads, Office of Social Innovation
              Madhuri Kommareddi - Associate Staff Secretary & a couple more
                   A few more whose names we'll publicize later.

       3 of the 15 Cabinet Secretaries:
              General Shinsecki -- Veteran Affairs Dept.
              Nobel Laureate Steven Chu -- Energy Dept.
              Governor Gary Locke -- Commerce Dept.

        A Labor Secretary with the background to understand our concerns.
              Hilda Solis's old Congressional District includes Monterey Park.
              Her parents are both immigrant workers.  She and Judy Chu are
              good friends. 

        An Acting Chair of EEOC -- Stuart Ishimaru

                         Sub-cabinet Level Appointments

         2 Legal Counsels in important Cabinet Depts.
             Ivan K. Fong -- General Counsel, Homeland Security; Deputy Sec. in rank
             Harold Hongju Koh (고홍주) -- Legal Counsel, State Department (one
                               of the top legal advisors in the State Dept.)
             Tammy Duckworth (a Thai) - Asst. Sec., Dept of Veteran Affairs
             Rich Verma  - Asst. Sec. for Legislative Affairs, The State Dept
             Rajiv Shah - Under Secretary for Research, Edu, & Econ, Ag. Dept.

NOTE: There are many other worthy appointments which I didn't list
              and many more new ones to come. 

    These appointments have exceeded in quality and quantity the sum of the Clinton
and Bush appointments in their combined 16 years.  Many of the past appointments
have the smell of tokenism e.g. ambassadors to tiny countries; Elaine Chao as the Sec.
of Labor -- a department that the Bush administration aimed to degrade. 

(For evidence, see that the DOL's total budget was $59.4 billion in 2002.  http://www.dol.gov/_sec/budget2003/overview.htm.  In 2008, DOL total budget
shrank to $49.1 billion.  See http://www.dol.gov/_sec/budget2009/BIB.pdf.  When
one takes inflation and the increase in labor force into account, one may understand
why Elaine Chao was appointed. There is NOT a single other cabinet Dept. whose budget
has decreased in current dollar from 2002 to 2008 by $10 billion.  Note also that OMB
reported in 2009 that 90% of the labor complaints to the Labor Dept. was mishandled.)

   iii) 80-20's Letter to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis
           Save this letter.  It contains the most concise and powerful documentation
         of the need to enforce E.O. 11246 for Asian Americans.

March 2, 2009

                                                                                             5 Farm House Rd.
                                                                                             Newark, DE 19711
The Honorable Hilda Solis
Secretary, Department of Labor

A hard copy will be sent via "Special Delivery, return receipt
Requested" to the Dept. of Labor

Dear Madame Secretary:

   Congratulations on your Senate confirmation.  Our nation benefits
when a person of your ability, belief and background serves as our Labor

   I am requesting a meeting with you concerning a written commitment by
President Obama to the Asian American community to provide equal
opportunity in workplaces for Asian Americans, when he became the President. 
His unequivocal commitment is attached below. 

   As you will see from the attached, then Senator Obama replied to a
questionnaire submitted to him by the 80-20 Educational Foundation
(EF) with a single word, YES, to all six questions.  The first 3 of the 6
questions deal with assuring equal opportunity in workplaces for Asian
Americans through the enforcement of Executive Order 11246, which
comes under your authority as the Labor Secretary.  That is why I am
requesting a meeting with you.

   This letter to you is copied to Chris Lu, Assistant to the President and
Cabinet Secretary of the White House.  He is knowledgeable about President
Obama's commitment to us and is aware that I am requesting a meeting with you.  

   Then-Sen. Obama was deeply moved by the information presented to
him by EF which included the following:

    "Asian Americans have the least opportunity to enter management
     when compared with blacks, Hispanics and women; the slowest
     rate of progress toward equal employment opportunity, despite
     having the highest educational attainment."

   To see the validity of the above statement, please click on
and see Tables 1 and 2 and related statements in a full page ad in the
Washington Post on 9/6/06.  The data and conclusion have been verified,
in writing, by EEOC's Chief Statistician Ronald Edwards.  If you
are interested, I can provide you with a copy of his letter.  This ad had
also been entered into the Congressional Record by Sen. Tom Carper of
Delaware on 9/21/06.

   You may already know about the a report issued by EEOC on 1/9/2009. 
After a year long study, the first recommendation in the report stated:

   "Strong leadership and personal commitment to diversity comes
    from the top down. To that end, the workgroup recommends that
    an Executive Order be issued by the President regarding a commit-
    ment to increased participation rates of AAPIs [Asian Americans
    and Pacific Islanders] in all segments of the federal sector."  

   Although the specific recommendation refers to Asian Am. federal
employees only, the language of the report is strong and general.  It
clearly implies that the discrimination against Asian Americans in
workplaces is not limited to Federal government only.  Given the EEOC
report, I'd like to ask you to consider whether the "public hearing" step
of the 3 step process, as outlined in EF's questionnaire, regarding the
enforcement of E.O. 11246 for Asian Americans will still be necessary. 

   Your Department will likely be very busy with the Employee Free Choice
Act.  However, you can create a wonderful win-win situation for President
Obama, the Labor Department and the Asian American community by
immediately asking the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs 
"to focus on enforcing Executive Order 11246 on behalf of Asian
Americans," as stated in question 2 of our questionnaire.  Skipping the
public hearings can save you and your Department a lot of energy and

   Not a day should be lost in the delivery of equal opportunity to all
Americans.  Not a day should be lost to help make America "a more
perfect Union."

   I look forward to hearing from you soon.  It will be an honor and a
privilege to meet with you and answer your questions.


S. B. Woo
President, The 80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc.
(sbw@udel.edu, 302 740-0050-cell, 866 367-8020- office)

Cc:  Chris Lu,
       Assistant to the President and Cabinet Secretary, the White House

       Board Members, 80-20 Educational Foundation


B)                                            Actions

    i)  The need to get our community involved (with or without a
         public hearing by the Labor Department)

       80-20 has Obama's commitments in writing.   They are concrete and easily
verifiable.  Some parts are fulfilled already, some indeed exceeded our expectations
(e.g appointments).  However, most are NOT fulfilled yet.  How do we get them
implemented as fast and as fully as possible?

We need to induce all the Asian American ethnic media to work with
80-20 and help create a win-win situation -- for our community, the
ethnic media & the Obama Administration. 

        Our media and 80-20 need to create a flashy movement.  Call it, say,
Seize The Moment.  I'll reporting the Obama commitments; sing its praise whenever
more part of got implemented, but keep on urging more to be implemented.  The
Obama Administration gets a lot of coverage and credit.  Asian Ams get equal
citizenship as fast as possible. 

       It'll be a GREAT deal, if only we can get our media to see it. 

       SB shall report his assessment of how the Asian Am. media has reacted to his pitch to them of
yesterday when he held a press conference.

(a) We Have The Substance:

     If we succeed, Asian Ams benefiting directly will be
940,000 in private industries,
67,000 in universities,
90,000 Federal employees,
160,000 State employees, and
540,000 local government employees  

    They will enjoy twice the opportunity to rise to higher management.  The number
of Asian Am. managers/administrators will double in about 10 years.  That should
account for about 250,000 MORE Asian Am. managers/administrator above
and beyond what we have today.

    All the rest of the 14 million Asian Ams will benefit indirectly because "A
rising tide raises all ships."

(b) Plans to Get the Media to Work with Us

     b1) Meeting with editorial Boards of ethnic media:
         Promise them that 80-20 will do everything possible to urge our supporters
      to buy ethnic papers.  We'll add a webpage giving the name & how to order
      of every ethnic paper, and relay the articles they have published relating to
      the "Seize The Moment" movement.
     b2) Getting other national professional Orgs. involved e.g. ASJA, NAPABA,
                     JACL, OCA, NFIA.  We'll share credit with them, if they join the

     b3) Getting our Affiliates to be more involved.  The Affiliates were integral
         parts of our success.  We'll create a webpage for our Affiliates, if they
         so desire or do some other things that will benefit the Affiliate.

   Shall create an Ad Hoc Committee for each of the above, and get a couple of Board
members into each comm..

    ii) Getting the Ad Hoc Committees set up.

   iii) How to avoid the defects of the existing Affirmative Action
and in Doing So Unite the Asian Am. community?

Every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity
an obligation.  John D. Rockefeller, speech, July 8, 1941

        Few individuals who have benefited from the Affirmative Action (AA) have the
self-confidence to admit that they got the promotion owing to the AA and fulfill the
subsequent moral obligation to mentor fellow members in their ethnic community for
future promotion.  Chancellor Chang-Ling Tien, a co-founder of 80-20, is a rare
exception.  He openly admitted that his chancellorship was a result of the AA.
As soon as we get the formal commitment from the Obama Administration
that EO 11246 will be enforced focusing on Asian Ams., we may want to greatly
emphasize "every opportunity an obligation" to the new Asian Ams manager/
administrator that will come into being in the next 10 years.

       However, we don't need to spend time discussing this step yet.


7. Update on the second of the Obama Commitments to the Asian Am. community -- the appointment of more AsAm. Federal judges(S. B. & others, 20 minutes)

A)                                            Background

        i) A review of what Pres. Obama has promised on Adding
Asian Am. federal judges:

Q(4) of 80-20 Educational Foundation's questionnaire: 
If elected, will you make it a top priority of your Administration to
nominate qualified Asian Americans to serve as Article III life-tenured
District Court federal judges, whenever such vacancies are available?   YES

Q(5) If elected, will you make it a top priority of your Administration to
nominate qualified Asian Americans to serve as Article III Circuit Judges,
whenever there are vacancies in those positions?                           YES

Q(6) If elected, will you consider nominating a qualified Asian America to the
Supreme Court, when a vacancy occurs?  Two years upon your taking the office, will
you meet with a group of Asian American leaders, put together jointly by 80-20 and
other Asian American national organizations to review the progress in adding Asian
American Federal judges?                                                                   YES

        ii) The appointment procedure, the vacancies & the White
House Legal counsel

a) The Appointment Procedure:  The President nominates federal judges. 
However, the names are normally recommended by the senior senators in the
President's Party.  If there is no senator in the president's party, then the senior
congressmen of the SAME party in the SAME judicial areas (whether district court
of Circuit/Appeal court). The senior Senator, again of the same party, normally
has the most input.  Note that new district court judges can be created, if the
number of waiting cases gets too high.

Normally, the combination of 5 factors can produce presidential nomination of
Asian Am District/Circuit court judges, besides the important criterion of
1. political needs of the President and/or his party
2. political needs of the senior senator of the same parts.  For example,
(1) the senator is running in a state with a lot of AsAm. voters.  (80-20 has good
reliable information on such states and congressional districts)  and
(2) is facing a tough election.  (Again, 80-20 has expertise knowledge on such
3. Credibility of the AsAm communitys ability to deliver a bloc vote or money.
4. activism of the local AsAms drawing out the nobler and more altruistic instincts
of the senator/congressmen.

    b) Vacancies:

*Nom. P. means "Nominees Pending for Senate confirmation"
**NPFV means “Nominees pending for future vacancies”






Nom. P.*




Art III 678



















http://www.uscourts.gov/judicialvac.html; The specific vacancies are listed at:
http://www.uscourts.gov/cfapps/webnovada/CF_FB_301/index.cfm?fuseaction=Reports.ViewVacancies      A summary's found at:

    c) President Obama's Legal Counsel
The President's Legal Counsel is Greg Craig (Yale Law School, interested in foreign
policies, close to Clinton and Ed. Kennedy).  Thus far, 80-20 has NOT established
direct communication with him.  However, Chris Lu has promised to forward any
Info. I wish to him.  I also doubt if he can be highly interest in District judges.
Of course, his interest in Circuit judge will be high -- to help make a few circuits
Having a D majority.

iii) A letter from NAPABA -- signed by its 13 past & present presidents

B)                                            Actions

        i)  To appoint an Ad Hoc Committee to monitor the situation

        ii) To whip up the Asian Am Legal Community.  Reply to NAPABA, yield
leadership to it regarding judicial qualifications, but 80-20 will handle he political
side in organizing and inducing appointments.  Getting NAPABA to be more action
and result-oriented.


8. Getting a New Executive Order issued, as Suggested by EEOC, to Help Asian Am. Workers in Governments (15 m.)

A)                                            Background

  i) How many Asian Ams work for the governments?

       A surprisingly large number!
              90,000 Federal employees,
            160,000 State employees, and
            540,000 local government employees.
See e.g. http://ftp2.census.gov/govs/apes/07locus.txt

      To illustrate the importance of the above numbers, the number of people who will
benefit directly from the enforcement of EO 11246 will be about
            940,000 in private industries, and
              67,000 in universities (Note that many university employees are
                            state employees & also come under EO11236 because most
                            universities are Fed. Gov. contractors/subcontractors.  So
                            they can already enjoy the enforcement of EO 11246.)

To put things in overall perspective, 80-20 aims to help directly about 1.75 million Asian Am. workers win equal opportunity to rise to the managerial levels and all Asian Ams indirectly through the "A rising tide raises all ships" effect.  80-20 takes
a pro-active approach in stronger contrast to past celebrated
collective efforts which are reactive and aimed to protect a handful of individuals e.g. Vincent Chin, Wen Ho Lee and lawsuits against unfair employers which are inevitably extremely painful if not humiliating.

  ii) What Did EEOC Recommend for the 90,000 AsAm Fed.

      EEOC under a Republican Chairwomen made a very strong recommendation
near the end of 2008 for the next President (who happened or was anticipated to
be a Democrat) to issue an Exec. Order for Asian Am Federal employees, pointing out
that there had been consistent discriminations against them.* 

      If the recommended Exec. Order is issued, it'll have HUGE impact.  See the parts
in red which show that the order has teeth and money behind it.  This Order, if
issued will be unlike the EOs issued by Pres. Clinton and Bush which were just words
to fool the politically ignorant Asian Ams. and to satisfy the easily satisfied Asian
American activists.  Some activists use these EOs to build support for their respective
parties as the expense of our community.

     Similar Orders have been issued for women and Hispanics in the past which were
very effective.  That was why their odds in reaching the SES level (Senior Executive
Service) is so so much better (see comparisons via 80-20's Washing Post ad). The
positive impact goes beyond the Federal government, to state and local governments. 
Coupled with the Labor Dept's enforcement of of E.O. 11246, it could lift Asian Ams.
to become equal citizens so far as the workplace is concerned.  With that true equal
citizenship will be easily within reach, especially in view of the prominent
appointment of many Asian Ams to significant government positions. very different
from appointments in paste administration which may have the taste of tokenism e.g.
ambassadors to tiny countries, and cabinet officer of the Labor Department which the
Bush Administration wanted to degrade. 

    In January 2009, EEOC in a formal report recommended that the president
promulgate "an Exec. Order that addresses issues of discrimination against AAPI
employees in the federal sector, and that supports programs to encourage profession
advancement."  In short, get more Asian Am. into the SES level

    The exact language suggested by EEOC is shown below, based on almost identical
EOs issued for women and Hispanics.  However, it was in the Draft report only. 
Board Members Please Note: Just reading the first paragraph and the words and
asterisks in red will be enough to sense how it carries teeth and money should be
" By the authority vested in me as the President by the Constitution and the laws
of the United States of America, and in order to improve the representation of
Asian American and Pacific Islander in federal employment, within merit system
principles and consistent with the application of appropriate veteran's preference
criteria, to achieve a federal workforce drawn from all segments of society, it is
hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1.  Policy.  It is the policy of the Executive Branch to recruit and
retain qualified individuals from appropriate sources in an effort to achieve
a workforce drawn from al segments of society.  Pursuant to this policy this
Administration notes that while Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders data
indicates that AAPIs are well represented in the Federal workforce, they remain
underrepresented in the SES level at slight over 2 percent.  This executive Order,
therefore, affirms ongoing policies and recommend additional policies to eliminate
the under-representation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islands in the SES Federal

Sec. 2.  Responsibilities of Executive Department and Agencies.  The
head of each executive department and agency (agency) shall establish and
maintain a program for the recruitment and career development of Asian
Americans and Pacific Islanders in federal employment, particularly at the SES
levels.  In its program, each agency shall

(a) provide a plan for recruiting Asian American and Pacific islander candidates
that creates a fully diverse workforce for the agency in the 21 century;

(b) assess and eliminate any systemic barriers to the effective recruitment and
consideration of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, including but not limited to:

(1) broadening the area of consideration to include applicants from all
      appropriate sources;

(2) ensuring that selection factors are appropriate and achieve the broadest
     consideration of applicants and do not impose barriers to selection based
     on non-merit factors; and

(3) expanding partnership programs with Asian Americans and Pacific Islander
     Serving Institutions to develop federal internship programs for Asian
     Americans and Pacific Islander students.** 

(c) improve outreach efforts to include organizations outside the federal
government in order to increase the number of Asian American and Pacific
Islander candidates in the selection pool for the Senior Executive Service**;

(d) provide a plan for mid-level development for Asian American and Pacific
Islander employees to create a poll of fully diverse candidates for the agency
leaders in the 21st century;

(e) assess and eliminate any systematic barriers such as he glass ceiling to increase
consideration of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the SES level, including
but not limited to:

(1) broadening the area of professional development opportunities for Asian
American and Pacific Islander to meet Knowledge Skill and Abilities required
for accession to the SES ranks.;

(2) ensuring that Asian American and Paific Islander are included in succession
plans, with equal consideration for promotion of qualified AAPIs to SES; and

(3) considering the appointment of Asian American and Pacific Islander federal
executives to rating, selection, performance review, and executive resource
panels and boards;

(f) promote participation of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander employees in
management, leadership, and career development programs;

(g) develop a formal mentoring program of Asian American and Pacific Islanders
employees to enhance development of knowledge and skills, and to promote
meaningful partnership between new and senior employees.

(h) ensure that performance plans for senior executives, managers, and
supervisors include specific language related to significant accomplishments on
diversity recruitment and career development and that accountability is
predicated on those plans;

(i) establish appropriate agency advisory councils such as the Special Emphasis
Program Manager that include Asian American and Pacific Islands Employment
Program Manager;

(i) and (k) are not shown.

Sec. 3. Cooperation  (not shown)

Sec. 4. Responsibilities of the Office of Personnel Management.  The
Office of Personnel Management is required by law and regulations to undertake a
Government-wide minority recruitment effort. Pursuant to the on-going effort and
in implementation of this order, the Director of OPM shall:

(a) and (b) not shown

(c) within 180 days from the date of this Order, prescribe such regulations as may
be necessary to carry out the purposes of this Order;

(d) within 60 days from the date of this Order, establish an Interagency Task
Force, chaired and composed of agency officials at the Deputy Secretary level, or
the equivalent.  This Task Force shall meet semi-annually to:

(1), (2), (3)and (4) not shown.

(e) issue an annual report …. This first annual report shall be issued no later than
1 year from the date of thei order.

Sec. 5.  Judicial Review  This order is intended only to improve the internal
management of the executive branch.  It doesn't create any right or benefit,
substantive or procedural, enforceable in law or equity except as may be identified
in existing laws and regulations, by a party against the United States, its agencies,
its officers or employees, or any other person.

* EEOC didn't talk that way during the Bush Administration.  Even the Dem. members
of the EEOC didn't.   This is a political reality that all Board members should be aware
of.  The same EEOC commissioner can take different positions depending on whether
it is during a R or D administration.  There are two reasons for this seemingly
unsatisfactory situation.  a) Most commissioners want to be re-appointed.  This is a
paid position with a good office and some power and prestige.  b) All Commissioners
and staff are worried about the next year's budget, which the party in power has
huge influence.  Notwithstanding the above, there were heroic individuals in EEOC
who took consistent positions regardless of politics.  I like to use this opportunity to
salute Ronald Edwards, chief statisticians of EEOC and others like him.  One day,
80-20 should honor him publicly.

** All such programs require funding.  I shall do a verbal discussion of what this
means for orgs. like JACL, OCA and perhaps even 80-20 EF.  There are pluses and

    iii) Will such a federal Order have impact on the Asian Ams.
        state & local gov. employees ?

    Without a doubt!   After the President issues such an order, the 50 governors
and the hundreds of county executive and city mayors will follow suit. 

   Chances are the state and local Asian Am. government employees will benefit even
more.  If the odds of going into the "executive" rank for Asian Am employees is only
33% of the national average in the federal government, normally the standard setter
for equal opportunity, the odds for those in the state & local gov. is probably even
lower, with the possible except of California. 

   Efforts from Asian Ams in state/local government to organize themselves to
push the state/local government are still ABSOLUTELY necessary, but the job will
be made much easier.

    iv) Existing Asian Am. organizations of government workers

FAPAC (Federal Asian Pacific American Council) is one of co-sponsors with 80-20 in
publishing the Washington Post full-page ad.  80-20 welcomes one and all such
government employees organizations to work with us.  AAGEN (Asian Am. Government Executive Network) is also quite active.

B)                                            Actions

         i)  Mass email to invite people to be members of an 80-20 Ad Hoc
             Committee to ask Pres. Obama to issue such an executive order.

         ii)  Ads in state/local gov. newsletters of the 50 states for the goal
             stated above and invite them to be 80-20's affiliates.


9. "Equal opportunity in workplaces" compared with "equal opportunity to enter first tier universities." (Kathleen To: 10 minutes)

 80-20 has fully committed to fight for Asian Ams' equal opportunity
to enter the managerial levels.  It has not done so for our youngsters to
enter the first tier universities.  Why?  See below.


Making Opportunity Truly    Equal?

                Diversity ?

Equa Opportunity to Enter Managerial Levels for our Adults



Eq. Oppor. to Enter 1st Tier Universities for our Children



   The above dis-similarity does not rule out our entering the battle on behalf of our children.  But we need to think through it move to be sure that we are doing the right things.


10. How the Board Can ECHO to Help Project 80-20's Message  (5 m.)  S.B.

The White House and every recent presidential campaign run an ECHO
program.  80-20 has adopted that tactic since 2004.  I'd like to invite a
person to head this program to remind our Bd. Members.  Suggestions? 

   The White House and every recent presidential campaign have run an ECHO program.  80-20 has adopted that tactic since 2004.  A success story will show you how "ECHO" works.

    80-20‘s mass email on how Asian Am have less than 50% of the chance to become managers as compared with other Americans working in the same position was ECHOED by our St. Louis chapter.  80-20St.Louis got a local paper to ECHO 80-20‘s mass email.  The web version of the local paper's report was seen by EEOC of Pennsylvania which ECHOED it.  Now a regional conference organized by EEOC of PA will ECHO it, & National 80-20 was invited to participate. 

    Kindly please ECHO 80-20 messages whenever you can, Board Members.  That is how politics works.  Most in our community don't know how politics works in America.  We must show the way.  Let‘s execute!  You must be the role models.


Lunch (noon to 1 p.m.)  Stanford Room

11. Agenda item 11 is confidential for 80-20 Board Members & staff only. It'll probably end by 3 p.m.

12. Increasing Membership (1.5 hour)

a) A fundraiser with a prominent political leader as the keynote speaker.
        It could easily raise 150 NEW members.
    b) Producing a laser disk of the type of demo that Farland Chang showed
    c) What matters in getting new members. 
          i) New email addresses, and
          ii) Effective messages, e.g. the one about Enlightened Self-interest
    d) Each Board Member's effort (will add 150 NEW members. Kathleen has a
    d) Meeting with editorial Boards of ethnic media (print, visual & audio)


13. Bylaw Amendments (Kathleen 15 minutes)

a) Article 3.4.2 Nominations Committee:  Amend First Sentence of first paragraph as: 

The Nomination Committee shall consist of a Chair elected by the Membership
in the second week of November every other year, and four members
appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board of Directors in the
second week of December after the election of the new directors. …

b) Article 3.4.5 Election Monitoring Committee:  Amend First Sentence of first
paragraph as: 

The Election Monitoring Committee shall consist of a Chair elected by the Board
of Directors in the second week of January every other year, and two members
appointed by the Chair and approved by the Board of Directors no
later than the second week of February of the same year.

The proposed changes are shown bolden and italicized.


14. Preventive Anti-discrimination measures? (Kathleen 15 minutes)

80-20 has good website info on fighting discrimination. You can reach the following contents by clicking on

You'll find the following table of contents. They are all linked to substantive contents.
Fight Discrimination
Discrimination Watch
Mission: To discourage discrimination against Asian Pacific Americans (APA) by reporting serious anti-APA acts and derogatory references to APA in the media, in government, in business, and in public or private organizations.
Please send your report to the info@80-20initiative.net. All contributions accepted for posting are subject to editing. Please report broken links to the webmaster.
Discrimination FAQ from Our Community
1. What shall I do if I suspect discrimination against me based on my national origin or race?
2. How do I find a lawyer for a discrimination lawsuit?
3. Why shall I file a class-action law suit?

80-20's Record of Fighting Discrimination for Our Community
University of Toledo's racist cartoon against an Asian Am. faculty member:
• Letter to the Board of Trustees, U of Toledo
• Reply from Chairman of the Board, U of Toledo

CNN/Jack Cafferty's Remark:
• Letter to Jack Cafferty & Cafferty's Reply to 80-20

CNN's Pejorative Portrayal of the Asian American Vote:
• CNN airs OUR view on AsAm cohesiveness
• Call To Action - A Reminder
• Call To Action - Sign a Petition to CNN
• Letter to Mr. Anderson Cooper

CBS Radio's Hiring of Craig Carton:
• CBS Radio President & CEO responds to 80-20's letter
• Letter to CBS Radio President & CEO, Mr. Dan Mason
• Letter to WFAN-AM General Manager, Mr. Chuck Bortnick

Southwest Airlines Case: Letter to President, Ms. Colleen C. Barrett
USA Today Article:
• USA Today Editor responds to Dr. S.B. Woo's Letter
• Letter to USAToday editor on Chinese Spying

CBS Radio Case: 80-20 Press Release
AsianWeek Case: Letter to President James Fang
The Daily Princetonian Case: Letter to President, Dr. Shirley Tilghman
Shaquille O'Neal's Joke about Yao Ming on Morning Radio
• "Thoughts on O'Neal's 70-30 Joke", by David Chu
• Letters to O'Neal and Fox Sports Radio, by Ramond Wong, National President of Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)
• "APA Community Should Tell Shaquille O'Neal to 'Come down to Chinatown'", by Irwin Tang, Asian Week

Chinese-American Congressman Briefly Denied Entry to US Department of Energy
• “Energy security angers Asian-American lawmaker”, by Ted Barrett, CNN
• Congressman David Wu, Democrat, Oregon First District
• David Wu for Congress

American Civil Liberties Union 
Amnesty International 
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund 
Asian Law Caucus 
Chinese for Affirmative Action 
Committee of 100 
Japanese American Citizens League 
National Asian Pacific American Bar Association 
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium 
National Lawyers Guild 
Organization of Chinese Americans 
Southern Poverty Law Center

Meeting Recessed

Meeting will be adjourned no later than 6:30 p.m. If the above item is not finished, it'll be picked up the next morning.